Hitman 3. Russian language?

Hello. Thanks for your games. I bought and played all Hitman games and trilogy “World of Assassination”. My English not bad but many fans and me are uncomfortable, because there is no Russian localization. Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 was with Russian subtitles.
Do you have plans to add Russian subtitles for Hitman 3? Thanks again and sorry for my english.


The game is now available in Russian thanks to Mr. GamerSuper, the Russian most famous gamer.
He localized the game all by himself and made it public. You can get the Russian version on rut…cker

Travis just said on IOI Insider #2 that there will be Russian subtitles added to the game.
But it won’t be in all game versions.
Details will be revealed later.
Approx time - I think they said “till the end of summer” or something like that.
More news will come