Hitman 3 Season of Envy - Cannot Unlock it

I cannot unlock The season of Envy in Hitman 3 - I bought it on epic games and it is installed but in the game it says that it is not bought and I need to buy it ! How to fix this problem ?

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Having the exact same issue. On both Epic Games and Stadia.

On Epic Games, I get a error message stating: Error Starting Contract. Screenshot included.

On Stadia, It shows that I haven’t bought it. Even though I did. Screenshots included.

I still cannot play Hitman 3 Envy DLC Because it says that we have error when we try to start the mission !How to fix it ?

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I can’t start the contact at all


  • Reistalling the game
  • Verifying game files
  • Turing the DLC off and On again.