Hitman 3 - Self-published by IOI

Maybe I’ve completely missed something that happened at one point, was there something specifically with HITMAN 2 that WB did that was terrible? Or are people just judging based on WB’s reputation in general?


Partially this, and the fact that it seems (to me) like the H2 was held back from more creative experimentation because WB wanted Hitman to “fit” as a franchise as opposed to letting it grow. Yes they are not the developer, IO is, but I would imagine the publisher has some say in the product they are putting money behind.

That’s the way I see it at least.


I don’t think that this means that WB is complete out, like @cake941 said

In the recent years WB have been branching out by “acquiring” a lot of independent developers, creating games that they in part help publish without owning. That said IO might have cut their ties completely from WB, even though they weren’t owned by them to begin with.

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To be honest, I wouldn’t have seen that as a WB problem. IO only partnered with WB in Q2 of 2018 for the Definitive Edition in May and then HITMAN 2 released just five months later. The game would’ve been too far gone for WB to request large adjustments to the game. The game, for the most part, was released as per IO’s vision.


How can you say that with a straight face when they’ve literally just had their game announced on the PS5 reveal show?! That’s a huge platform immediately!


Next step:

IOI Game Launcher


We are slowly moving towards the future where developers can sustain themselves without big publishers. Digital Extremes nearly went down after it was screwed by the publisher, and they only recovered because they did Warframe on their own terms. Bungie bought their freedom from Activision and suddenly Destiny 2 became good (or so I heard; don’t have any personal experience with that franchise).

The industry is going through another huge shift it seems, and IOI going self-publishing route is part of that.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that GiantBomb coverage of Season 1 alone did more for Hitman than anything SE could ever do. Just goes to show how much the world changed.

Kind of interesting how Hitman’s position on the market changed over the years despite franchise itself staying the same. It was always a niche title that consistently delivered respectable but not amazing numbers. Back in Eidos days it was enough to qualify Hitman as one of publisher’s main workhorses. For SE and, presumably, WB this wasn’t enough. But for IOI it seems to be more than enough.


So true, and that’s because of them that IOI were able to make a GOTY version. It’s very inappropriate in video game industry to do a GOTY version when no “major” magazine doesn’t grant it to you.

I guess YouTube influencers also helped to boost sales. There are a lot of well known gaming channels out there playing H2 and making good promotion for it. The best way to get new ppl hooked on the game.


Why stop at only 2? Have it on the homepage 100 times I say. :heart_eyes:

Congrats to IO Interactive, they were in big trouble right after Hitman 2016, then came a long way and they succeeded to self-publish not only a AAA game but a stealth game, which is crazy.
It’s awesome to see that they’re in full control of this franchise, I hope more developers in the AAA industry will follow their steps.


Was it worth it to pay $100 for H2 to bail them out of their financial difficulty? Yes, definitely yes!


It really is interesting how the games they released for an incompetent publisher only ever seemed to end with their hardworking staff losing their jobs and the studio being forced to downsize. Now that they’re in control of their own product, have stuck to their vision and done things on their own terms, they’ve been able to open a second studio and commit to fully self-publishing.

Long Live IO Interactive.


Definitely ! And I’m glad that I even offered the game to two of my friends at its release. And I’ll do it again for Hitman 3.

Well said. And it is sadly the truth.
I just hope IOI will have the necessary resources for the next generation of Hitman games (after Hitman 3). They’ll certainly have to develop a new engine so it will costs a lot of money. But hopefully the new IP they’re currently developing will bring them some money too.

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Yes, lets add the IOI logo twice!


I remember 2 and a bit years ago when we were unsure if IO would survive the split from SE fast forward to now and they’re releasing a third title in the series and are publishing in house. What journey!


good riddance to WB. won’t miss them.


Would be funny to do that.
And if the dual silverballers are back in Hitman 3 they might be able to do something stylish with them and the logos in the boot screen.


Thats actaully a really great idea, really hoping for this now more than ever

Lack of publisher funding makes me worry for long term support tbh. H2 got a lot less ETs and escalation, and I assume it’s not getting better now :confused: