Hitman 3 (suggestion)

next year is Hitman’s 20th anniversary.
so i would like your opinion guys but i would REALLY want to have Traditions of the trade and Lee Hong Assasination to be remastered in hitman 3 (dosent have to be a huge level, traditions of the trade might be able to use Bangkok etc.)

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It would be a neat idea as bonus DLC or whatever, but I doubt it happens. Makes more sense to make new content, since it would take about the same effort. We could see new levels heavily inspired by old ones though, like A New Life.


like i said, traditions of the trade is something like bangkok
A new life is a bit like (insert usa mission in hitman 2 with the muffins)

I really want a new snowy Russian type map, to honor those levels in the first few games. Not a remaster or even remake necessarily, just a very similar theme like the suburbs levels.

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only in the 2nd game there was those levels

Don’t think that’s gonna happen. The original is good enough. A few classics outfits/weapons in a DLC pack are more likely.


What was your original account? Also I think homages work better like Another Life and item packs as @Danger_dog_guy_7 said

But IOI already gave you Prison! Ungrateful fans…

Joke, I want Russian level too


am banned until 3018! WTF?

no a russian can be nice but i honestly think traditions or lee hong are much better (im hungarian so traditions i like more but lee hong is probably the definitive hitman level (if not then Curtains Down)
also when people mention the snow/russian level it reminds me of the jungle levels from hitman codename 47
those were hard but amazing

I think it would be pretty cool to have a remastered blood money mission or two as a dlc. Obviously this wouldn’t be the only dlc but it would still be pretty cool.

Classics outfits for DLC?
Jungle outfit from C47, Japan outfit from SA (Prologue parka, but white, and under it suit instead of turtleneck), Afghanistan outfit from SA (should really fit at Mumbai and Marrakech). Hawaii robe from Absolution :heart_eyes:
Really, this pack would have been better than Anniversary suits.

cant wait to see how IO is going to ignore the 20 Year Anniversary of Codename 47. They dont even give it a shout out on social media on its release day.


they dont or they wont? anniversary isnt until November.


remember the mission in absolution where there was disguises from the older games?
loved that

BS, its basically ignoring it.
i mean was there an event in Hitman, an ET to celebrate or anything at all?

oh didn’t catched that one because i dont have Twitter. Still waiting for the HD Remaster :pensive:


2 suggestions

1-IO, make real remaster of Hitman 2016 and H2018 campaigns, if you will add legacy pack, because what H2 did to those mission is some silly joke that have no impact on mission alone.

2-Give use money and weapons, items, or even suit customisation. We get so much weapons, and most of them are useless because you cant use them on mission at all. Most SMG, all Assault rifles, many handguns, many melee weapon are useless. I know now you do balance thing over equipment slot, but some brokens item arent guns, and that the thing.

Hitman should have freedom, like Codename 47 had. You could bring what ever you like if you have money, so should H3 do. And I dont say, suit upgrades should give you extra slots, no. But for example, if you upgreade your suit, you can bring small smg, but you lose this once you change that suit, etc. This would work way better then what is now. Ofc some suit should not be upgreadable at all.

I feel like most would want those levels relatively preserved as they are, structure and design wise. Every change they made in Hitman 2 was initially met with hostility. I’d assume they’ll get some graphics changes to match Hitman 3’s improvements and maybe some “one breaching charge” style changes, but that’s it.

hitman 2 SA or hitman 2 2018?