Hitman 3 Suit Fashion!

You Can Only, Pick One Choose Wisly [PART 1]

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It’s absolutely got to be the winter suit. None of the others have a place in any of the missions for me whereas I use it in Hokkaido.


Suit 4 definitely since it’s the only one I use.
EDIT: I got Black Winter Suit mixed with Winter Suit. My choice still stands the same.


#1 The Cowboy Suit

I would pick #4 the Black Winter Suit, but since IO will never allow me to obtain it I’m going with a suit I can actually wear

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But I’m taking in the Striker. :hakan_concerned:

Edit: FYI, there is a gear above the field where you type, and you can make a poll.

1, 4, 2, & 3.

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How is this even a competition. I’ll choose any variant of the Signature Suit over any of the million silly meme suits everytime.


You already know which one I’d pick, or at least which one I would absolutely never in a million years pick.

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what did you pick schatenjager


Picture 4 an absolute shadow of a doubt!! :grinning:

Number 1 is the only serious option there. I get the clown “homage” to the earlier game, but I would never actually choose that and the mascot only works in Florida.

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well clown suit will suited in whitttion creek but my pick will be the phathom suit forgive my spellings