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Platform: [PS4, Xbox One, PC, etc]
Disc or digital?

Description : Tell us about the problem in a few lines

Steps to reproduce: (How can we reproduce the issue?)

Frequency : (Did it happen once, or lots of times? Does it ALWAYS happen?)

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**Platform:**PC-Epic Games

Description : Can’t connect to the server. Working fine till about 10:30AM GMT then the game crashed. After no connection. It says on start-up: connecting, Authorises and once goes to synchronising it then comes up with the message “Failed to fetch profile”

Steps to reproduce: Unsure how though if it helps was on the final level of Hitman 3. IOI ID is CNC97 if helps to check your records.

Frequency : All the time


Platform: PC
Disc or digital? Digital

Description : Around 7:00 PM last night (1/21) the game went off-line and will no longer connect. I get an error that the profile cannot be fetched.

Steps to reproduce: I only have to start the game and try to connect.

Frequency : All the time now. Cannot start game in online mode.



Platform: Ps4 Slim

Description : Unable to connect to the Hitman server before and after transfer. Haven’t connected a single time since released

Steps to reproduce: try to connect to the online mode at the start screen or the main menu it doesn’t matter

Frequency : Always happens.


Platform: PC (Epic)

Description: Unable to connect to to the servers since 3:00PM CST yesterday.

Steps to reproduce: Launch the game, press [ENTER] to connect at the startup screen. Select GO OFFLINE to reach the menu. Select GO ONLINE from the main menu.

Frequency: Persistent


Platform: PC
Disc or digital? Digital

Description : Around 7:00 PM last night (1/21) the game went off-line and will no longer connect. I get an error that the profile cannot be fetched.

Steps to reproduce: I only have to start the game and try to connect.

Frequency : All the time now. Cannot start game in online mode.


Platform: Xbox One

Description: Whenever I start the game it always say “Connection Failed” after I press A and it happens again and again and again.

Steps to reproduse: Just press A at the title screen.

Frequency: It’s happing a lot lately whenever I boot up the game.


Platform: Xbox series X Digital
Description: Can’t connect to online servers since about 9 pm (U.S central time zone) last night.
Update: I signed into a different account (not associated with an ioi account) and logged on perfectly fine
Steps to reproduce Starting the game and trying to connect
2 If the account is connected to an ioi account you are unable to log in
Frequency All the time


Always after yesterday
Hitman 3
Hello @travis, I don’t know I have to say here maybe? Just looking for an answer because after read the forum I’m not the only one.
The Items lost in carry over:
Requiem pack
SA coin and all black suit
Arkilian suit.
It will be possible to have later?
Today after play long time can not connect to this profile only , the rest are ok.
Really impossible to access to this profile :man_facepalming:,
Please help
In the ms says contact IO but don’t know where I can sent this mail to can play again with my oldest profile.
Thank you in advance .


[SOLVED See Below]

Platform: PC

Description : When I click “Play” on the launcher, the game does not start. When I attempt to run the benchmarking tool, the benchmarking tool will not start.

Frequency : Always

Longer Description : When I click “Play” on the Hitman 3 launcher, Hitman3.exe will appear in the task manager, it’s memory usage will start increasing, then it will disappear from the task manager and the Epic Games Launcher reopens.

Event viewer provides the following information:
Faulting application name: hitman3.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x60084611
Faulting module name: hitman3.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x60084611
Exception code: 0x80000003
Fault offset: 0x0000000000e44be4

My basic system information is the following:
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor (16 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 24576MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 24502MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 12
Card name: Radeon RX 580 Series

[SOLVED] After updating Windows 10 to a newer version, I no longer have the issue. (It only took a few days of intense frustration to figure this out)

What didn’t work: I had tried going into Settings > Update & Security and checking for updates. Widows reported that I was up to date. However, I was only on Windows 10 version 1703. Being on this older version seems to have prevented some games that use Directx 12 from launching.

What did work: I went to Download Windows 10 and updated to Windows 10 version 20H2.

You can view which version of Windows you have installed by going to Settings > System > About and looking for “Version”. I hope others are having the same problem because it was an easy fix compared to how long it took to find it.


Platform: PS5

Description : When finishing the Dartmoor mission the connection to the server gets lost. After “Retry” the error message is: Unable to load the requested menu.

Steps to reproduce: It happens when I try to complete the Dartmoor mission. No matter what exit I try to use, the error occurs when the cutscene ends (47 leaves the mission).

Yesterday everything worked fine. Today I had the import of my Hitman 2 save games so I played Dartmoor again to unlock different things. The problem seems to appear when I play as detective. I’ve tried another run without the detective gameplay - this worked for me.


Platform: : PC

Description : Unable to launch the game. After launching from Epic, taken to the Hitman 3 launcher. After clicking “Play” the launcher closes and re-opens the Epic Games Store.

Steps to reproduce: Launch from EGS or by double-clicking the launcher in game file folder.

My specs: Windows 10 Home, GPU: GTX 1660Super, CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x, DirectX12, 16g DDR4 RAM

Frequency : Always. Have not yet been able to launch the game.


Platform: PC digital

Description : Yesterday I was disconnected in the middle of playing Dubai and I have not been able to connect ever since. I have validated files on Epic, allowed the game executable through my firewall, uninstalled and re-installed, opted out of the privacy policy and back in. No Dice.

Steps to reproduce: Attempting to go online at all

Frequency : Nonstop Infinite


Platform: PS4 (Digital)

Description: I got disconnected last night after about 5-6 hours of playing through the new maps.

Steps to reproduce: I’ve been trying throughout the day to sign in but keep getting this error message. My alternate accounts however works fine.

Frequency: All the time


Platform: PS4
Disc or digital?: Digital

Description : Startup the game. It begins connecting to the server, then a message shows up saying: “Connection Failed. Unable to connect to the HITMAN server. Failed to fetch online resources from the HITMAN server.” I know it’s not my internets problem because I have a stable internet connection, and I have tried connecting and reconnecting to the internet but no luck.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the application
  2. Begins connecting to the HITMAN server
  3. Says “Connection Failed”

Frequency : ALWAYS happen



Similar issue to what others are having but I think a slightly different message?

Platform: PC (Epic)

Description: Unable to connect to the server at all today, getting the same Disconnected error message whether at game start or when clicking Go Online.

Steps to reproduce: Start the game. :man_shrugging:

Frequency: Always happens, I’ve even tried watching a cutscene or starting a level in Offline Mode and then backing out as I heard that was a potential fix sometimes. Nothing is helping.

Attach or link to any videos or images that will help explain the issue.

In case it doesn’t load, it says "Unable to connect to the HITMAN Service. Failed to fetch configuration from the HITMAN server. For more information, contact HITMAN support.

This is the message. It doesn’t mention failing to fetch a “profile” like other people have reported but it’s reporting a near-identical problem.

Also I should note that both today and yesterday I was forced to download a large update by the Epic Games Store before I could start the game. It worked fine yesterday after that update other than a few hiccups, never an actual disconnection. It does not work at all now.


Yes is same as mine , I can play with the other profiles but not the old one.:slightly_frowning_face:


PS5 haven’t been able to connect once since launch. Same message others are posting. It’s no secret, they aren’t even trying to fix it. Not a single update in days when people literally can’t play a game they just bought.

I will be skeptical to support this company in their future.


When using instinct from a dark room to a brighter room the screen goes pitch black for a moment then goes back to normal