HITMAN 3 - Technical Support

Platform: PC

Description: Can’t unlock the ‘Full House’ achievement. Done all mission stories in Dartmoor several times but no achievement.

Steps to reproduce: Finish all mission stories in Dartmoor.

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the game had been normally worked for 3days&8hours and after 2.13 this problem happened and I have tried all the ways to solve it ,but all no use

Platform: PC digital

Description: Whenever I start a new mission or a new mission story I am unable to hear the voice. The Text/subtitles are appearing but no one is talking. The sound in the cutscence of the beginning of a new mission is perfectly fine except the voice.

Steps to reproduze: Start a new mission or discover a new mission story.

Frequency: This problem is always happening. I already reinstalled the game twice.

Platform: Xbox Series X

Description : I had to uninstall Hitman 3 as was moving about stuff on internal and expansion storage.
I had access to the Legacy Hitman 2 pack but it now is looking to charge me, even though I own Hitman 2 already? And had downloaded the legacy pack before.

Platform: PS5

Description: No further missions. I just played the first mission ‘on top of the world’. The following missions are grayed out. ‘Get Access, This content requires an update. The content will automatically start downloading when you are online.’

I already checked my online status and restarted the game and the ps5. However, the problem remains.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Apparently you’re using a disc and need a Day One patch.
You need to initialize a download process.
Unfortunately I don’t have any console so I can’t guide you more detailed, but you need either to check updates for the game or check game files integrity or something like that.
Again, you need to start a game update


Platform: PS4 (disc) (Asia) =

Description : Cannot redeem Hitman3, access pass Hitman2 Standard.

  • I’ve had Hitman1(disc), Hitman2(disc) and Hitman3(disc)

Steps to reproduce: (How can we reproduce the issue?)

  1. enter Hitman2
  2. to Store = nothing (as shown on image)
  3. on the features page > hit on the access > take me to the store Page = no sign of the Access (as shown on image)

Frequency : Always happended, at the beginning I start the game, until this day I post this issue.


Yeah, it’d be neat to at least see an acknowledgement of the “crashes on boot” bug that’s affecting far more people than I listed in my post of the same symptoms above, wouldn’t it? (The “can’t import H2 content” is certainly frustrating, but at least that one got acknowledged and now, apparently solved: Official PC Location Importing Guide).

It sure feels like nobody’s listening, and this problem doesn’t appear to be mentioned in HITMAN 3 - Known Issues

Should we actually be posting these crash problems in HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread ? I mean, I’m having problems “… starting the game”, but maybe they meant, like, “connecting to servers”?


PC Digital

purchased HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion, but unable to access the content

Login to Hitman 3, Navigate to Hitman 2 Campain,
Frequency ALWAYS

INVOICE ID: A636163243
Order ID:A2102211822206488

HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion IO Interactive

Platform: PS5 / PS4 (retail)

Description : Missing PS4 version in PS5 retail

Steps to reproduce: N/A

Frequency : It always happens
i was trying to get support by emailing IOI and PSN but without success. :frowning:
I have bought Hitman 3 PS5 version because i have read that this will include PS4 version (deluxe, only available in my store). Unfortunately i can not find PS4 version which should be included. Have i missed something? I have already added deluxe edition to my account but i still miss PS4 H3 version…

Honestly, I’m hoping that 47 no longer acquiring P Power’s sleeves is an intended feature rather than a bug. I hope this stays as it is currently!

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Yeah I’ve long given up at this point. Got a refund (thank god at least that’s easy) and will probably get the game in a year when it’s on Steam and they’ve finally pulled their heads out of their asses and fixed those embarassing bugs. What a disappointment, truly.

I have hitman 1,2,3 and have them on my PS5. Hitman 1 has migrated over to Hitman 3 but hitman 2 hasn’t, all its saying is get access but I own hitman 2 already

I have checked in all the stores and there is no free access pass to do this either.

I tried the IO account and all 3 games are registered so it’s shows I own them and it’s shows in the game my XP for hitman 2 so again shows I own it. Iv tried deleting all of the games and installing them again but it didn’t make any difference.

Hitman 1&2 are digital and hitman 3 is a disc

Platfrom: PC
I bought hitman 3 hitman 2 exaction pass on epic games launcher and ive only gotten two maps please help thanks.

ohh ok sorry thanks so i spent 40$ on 2 maps??

Has anyone with the crashing back to epic launcher issue been able to get their game to run after the patch today? I am still crashing sadly and have pretty much given up on our issue getting fixed at this point. Pretty sad tbh…

Thanks for today’s update, but now I’m getting “failed to fetch downloadable content information”. One month and still no access…

PSN: ubaiis

ps. Does anyone from support read this forum?

Platform: PS5 Digital

Description : Berlin Discovery Trophy - Followed the Trails - does not unlock despite completion requirements met

Steps to reproduce: On latest patch - Feb 23rd- From a profile that has the Berlin discovery challenge unlocked, but without the trophy unlocked, attempt to complete the level again with an existing save. The trophy does not unlock upon completion of the mission despite the challenge being unlocked

Frequency : 100%

Still no trophy unlock for mastery level 20 in Dubai amongst other trophies that didn’t unlock. I have every single challenge beaten in Dubai but somehow I’m still mastery level 11.

Patch fixed nothing.

The patch unlocked my Dubai mastery, but I have two separate issues, it seems.


Location, Dubai and Berlin

The discovery trophy did not pop for Dubai, though the challenge is completed amd I have discovered all areas.

The discover challenge for Berlin cannot me completed as it is not awarding me the final discovered location. I have been to every area on the map in a single play through with no luck.

I have completed all the requirements for the platinum trophy, but these two are not allowing me to unlock it.

Frequency - continuous