Hitman 3 toggle autowalk, autorun, and aim

Please make this upcoming Hitman 3 with these features!

  • Pressing “Left Shift” once will make Agent 47 Run automatically and pressing “Left Shift” OR “w,a,s,d” will stop agent 47 from auto running.

  • Pressing “ALT” once will make Agent 47 walk automatically and pressing “ALT” or “w,a,s,d” again will stop agent 47 from auto walking.

  • Toggle auto aim by pressing a single mouse key.

With these simple improvements you can make a huge difference for us gamers because we are no longer forced to keep pressing “W” to move forwards for hours and hours of game play. So many games have these features!

And this idea applies to anything that you might implement in the game, please make sure to include the option to be a toggle function.

Thank you!


Really great suggestions, I hope it’ll be taken into consideration !
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Yes pls and for consoles too. Also make him run faster in general

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