Hitman 3 VR control upgrades, needed to match KBM/Controller

I am creating this post as a recommendation to best as possible replicate the kind of things we can do on KBM/controller in VR. Any other suggestions are welcome I will update this list moving forward.

VR control tweaks:

A way of collecting ammo and items that don’t force you to put your gun down.

The neck snap doesn’t seem to exist.

The ability to see your radar when hiding in boxes or wardrobes.

A way to holster a weapon with a button.
One reason is for speed runs, the second is for when you’re crouched it’s nearly impossible to put your gun away.

Comfort tweaks for VR:

Stop moving the cinematic and menu screens from the forward position. If a cutscene starts and my head was in a strange position, I have to watch the cutscene from that position. It’s pretty bad! I also can’t really tell what the trigger for this is so menus end up being stupid places for a while as well.

Melee weapons need repositioning to better line up with your hand when the trigger is pulled. (Oculus)

The ability to pick up items with your left hand.

Switch your briefcase and your gun between your left and right hand. Or at the very least just let us use our gun with the left hand.

Hitman should definitely crouch when I do.

A physical reload on a flick, would be a good idea as it was free up a button.

I will be combining the info from the Steam forum here: