HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded announced (Meta Quest 3 Exclusive) - Summer 2024

Pistol Whip is cool, I beat it recently.

Anyway, as for Hitman 3 VR, my main hope is that they include Freelancer. Such an immersive mode is perfect for VR, and it would really help distinguish it from the PSVR version.

Sure, this no doubt has more immersive controls (as zombie 47 does seem a bit weird), but the interactive stuff the original does have is honestly good enough.

But yeah, this is one of the reasons I decided to finally take the plunge on a Quest 3 so I hope it ends up being good. I love WoA in VR so hopefully this is the ultimate version. My main worry is that it’s so cheap that it may be a reduced experience and be essentially just the third game but with cel shading and better controls.

Still, fingers crossed!


I’ve just thought: the rumour is that this is only 3, hence the name, but 3 by itself would be disappointing narratively speaking. However, perhaps the levels are remixed with new targets and a new storyline to fit those maps (like the Patient Zero bonus levels).

I could definitely see that being a thing if they do limit it to just those 6/7 maps


I don’t think they’d do that just for one single platform (that doesn’t even have as many potential players as any of the other platforms Hitman is available on).

(I’d love to see remixed levels like the good old Summer Bonus Missions, and especially Patient Zero 2 though… but for everyone :sob:)




I had hoped to get my hands on it before my birthday, but I’m still excited to see more on this. No doubt it will become my favourite Quest 3 game.


In August! Damn that’s way later than I expected.

I’m hoping to see the “added interaction” being able to pick up things like wine glasses at parties just to roleplay a bit.
If you drop it or throw it away, it could just respawn back at its table.

IDK how the original H VR system worked, but I think I’ve seen it mainly uses button prompts to perform automated actions.