Hitman 3 Wishlist

Well, yes the challenges page is great. I am in agreement with you, and it is displayed up front. Yes, all great.

I am just saying that IO interactive could do more. They have control of the retail space after the mission ending, and they could provide a completionist ranking for achievement alongside their world ranking of mission success.

The World Ranking system does not help in reinforcing the average player’s engagement, so it should be de-emphasized, IMHO.

It’s not emphasised. It’s the smallest text on the screen

Rating and Score are emphasised because people like a metric to show how well they’ve done

Also, @moderators this conversation is off topic, maybe move it to the Rant about H2 topic?

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If you look at the number of players who engage in the feature contracts it often numbers in the hundreds (at least on the PS4). This is a tiny, tiny fraction of all Hitman players.

So, if IO interactive wants to increase engagement in all its content, then it has to do a better job.

This is just statistics.

There is a steep decline in engagement in Hitman 2 from the playerbase who purchased Hitman 2.

An underwhelming fraction of those who purchased Hitman 2 even attempted the final mission of the Isle of Sgail level. There is a steep drop off of Hitman engagement from the Miami mission.

This is just statistics. It means that IO interactive isn’t doing a good enough of a job to keep their player base engaged in their product.

Imo that’s a false statement. Most players simply don’t care about their rank, and it definitely doesn’t let them down. For those who do care it’s a nice addition.

Because then it just turns into a participation trophy, which i’m against.

Statistically speaking the average player falls of any game that isn’t mainly multiplayer. Hitman has always been a niche game, for a certain type of person. Majority finds Hitman simply too boring, however strange that mind sound to us.

It’s not meaningless, and it does not de-incentive players. See above.

It doesn’t hurt it either. Reason why the average player drops hitman quickly has another reason. Also mentioned above.


Completely understanding that you are against participation trophies, Mr. Fortheseven but the possibility of rewards as an incentive drives behavior. When you state that the posted ranking doesn’t mean anything to the average player, then it is the basis for changing it, since the end of the mission is real estate that the developers could use better to encourage more participation of the average player in their game.

I agree that Hitman is a niche game, and it will never have the Fortnite or Call of Duty appeal, but they could still do more to improve accessibility and sustaining interest for players.

Hitman is confusing when you start it for the first time, and it takes a long while to get the hang of, and then it “clicks”.

You get what the social stealth system is and how to play the game as the developers intend you to play it.

Now there are great tutorial missions in Hitman2016, but all this requires a lot of patience and figuring things out, when there are a lot of other shoot-em-up games out there which don’t have a steep learning curve.

Completely disagree

And that is the reason those players stop playing, not the showing of leaderboard ranks

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I respect your opinion. But I disagree that more can’t be done to increase player engagement.

Rewards for participation is what drives players to collect every icon in an open world Ubisoft game. It works to guide players through checklists of things to do, and then to reward them for all their activity. It gives you a dopamine hit in your nucleus accumbens, and while you engage the player in seeking achievements, they begin to get hooked on the game.

And as you progress through the content, there have to be new rewards for greater milestones of achievement. There isn’t enough of an emphasis on rewarding players for continuous achievement through the Hitman content. Other games do a much better job at providing incentives for continuous player engagement. Now this is just my opinion.

There is a lot of content on the Hitman website. The developers have spent all this time curating featured contracts and elusive contracts, but there is no real award for being a completionist other than periodic, mostly redundant, reskinned unlocks. There are so few players who engage in this material if you look at the world leaderboard rankings which indicate participation in contracts.

Yes for big rpgs that works, almost a must even.

Not so for hitman due to the before mentioned step learning curve. Which big rpgs dont have


· Special Assignments rather than Elusive Targets.
· More Variations in Weapons. Revolvers are cool.
· Better rating system.
· Better Cinematics
· Dual Wield Ballers
· Suit With Orange Tie, Glasses & Ear Piece (Agent 17)
· Plate Carrying
· Better Weather effects.Water in Sgail looked like crap. At first I disliked Haven Islands storm but for some reason now when I play it is very convincing.


yeah but hopefully not requiring 8GB of downloading for each one :upside_down_face:


While I’m really all for a playable Female Assasin, I’ll never understand what People have with Victoria :sweat_smile:.

People tend to dislike things related to Absolution. Victoria is one of 'em.


I mentioned Victoria because it only makes sense to use an existing character with a similar background (experimented on to have enhanced abilities like 47). I would rather them not shoehorn in a random female assassin unless its convincing enough. The connection they had in Absolution is enough to make me believe 47 would trust her and possible protect her again out in the field.


The entire reason Absolution exists is because Diana and 47 wanted to stop Victoria from becoming an assassin. If we’re looking for a hitwoman, we can go with Knight from the Sniper Assassin games.


Good character development. The world is harsh and its far less interesting to believe Victoria just became normal after Absolution after all she had been through.

The two most forgettable characters in the series you mean?

That could be a good source of tension in the game’s story. Something happened to Victoria while she was out on her own that forces her into the assassin life and now Diana and 47 have to teach her how to defend herself/pay off her debts/avenge a friend even though they’d rather she just lived a normal life.


Don’t know if this belongs in this thread…

Yesterday I was toying around with a new idea for a contract. I wanted to have four targets and the player has to kill them with the classics:

  1. one target with a pistol
  2. one target with a sniper rifle
  3. one target with the fibre wire
  4. one target by hand (or by accident, wasn’t really sure about that one)

As it would have been pretty easy to make such a contract, I also didn’t want to make restrictions for the targets. It would have been so cool if the player himself/herself could chose which target to kill with which method. It just has to be all of those four at the end.
It would open up a lot of possibilities but still some challenges. Would be a cool thing to implement in a future update (Hitman 3).

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Something I thought about, I think it would be cool if we can play part of a mission as Grey. Or it would be cool if Grey and 47 would work together, like Grey is on a Sniper and you can give him the command to shoot someone who is in your way.


I think that is very likely. Playing as Grey and utilizing a similar playset in a setting where 47 is unable to do so would be cool. I have to give it to IO for making Grey such a likeable character. I actually look at him as 47s brother at this point but Im sure that will change as well over the course of Hitman 3s story.