Hitman 47 skin of chaneleon


I have been think since agen 47 is like be enhance human, maybe he should be possible to change skin color like a octofish? Would of have been really help in Japan missions of H2: silent assassin. Always the Japanese seeing my Japanese clothes but still know I am not one of Japanese. Would help if Hitman can changing to any color. Obviously no one will fool if he use clothes of dark skin character. Think of all possibilities. So maybe for some clothes disguise be work, he need to be a change color also.




lmao 47 is not an alien


He’s a social chameleon, not a literal one.


That does brings the question though that if there was a mission in Sub-Saharan Africa then how would Agent 47 realistically blend in without breaking immersion?


Uhh, They don’t send him there? The ICA would send an African or even an African-American agent.


It works now, the Foreman in Mumbai is pretty dark so 47 already dresses in the clothes of dark skin character.

But 47 the race swapper? So in the Columbia map does that mean he starts off with browner skin or does it change at will depending on which works better?

High alert and guards are searching, better revert back to a white man to avoid suspension. Need to get closer to your target, change into a dark skin and pretend to be servant.

New HITMAN 2020 with updated race swapping feature! Become Asian 47, Arab 47, Black 47, Hispanic 47, Indian 47, White 47 at the press of the button. Never stand out again! Revolutionizes social justice stealth.




Glacius always makes the best topics


Ah man you should have got a picture of the Chameleon from Spider-Man.


47 being able to change color?
Yeah… I vote no, sorry lol


Why limit a location that contains a variety of possible high-value targets in some interesting locations that could display an African setting which has never been explored before? Agent 47 is the best in the world so why wouldn’t he be assigned to kill a feared African warlord or a corrupted president turned dictator.


I was not saying that. There are nations we can send him too unfortunately there are few below the Sahara and I don’t want him to go to Africa to wax some dictator that trope is played out. Off the top of my head only South Africa has a sizeable Anglo or Caucasian population. Also I heard rumours that the next sniper map is on the Ivory Coast.


Making him a literal chameleon is a ridiculous idea. 47 was engineered from the DNA of five of the world’s most notorious criminals. His facial structure has a mixture of the Romanian, Chinese, Colombian, Russian and Austrian ethnicities, which is why he can plausibly blend in anywhere without arousing too much suspicion.

The fact that the only language he seems to speak is English is more inmersion-breaking than his skin tone, but no one in the locations that 47 goes to seems to mind. So I doubt they would mind about his skin color either.

Those were already Elusive Targets in Hitman 1. Although they weren’t set in Africa, but the point still stands.


I thought O-M was German? So technically he is Ethnic Chinese, Hispanic, Russian and Teutonic (twice over)… Also why bother learning English we forced half the developed world to speak it and then some. It is most likely a means of avoiding David’s lack of third language and dialect coaching.