Hitman - A new life recreation in Far Cry 5


Hi everyone. I’ve been working on a project for quite some time, and I thought it’s time to share some results. People who follow me on Twitter might’ve seen some already, but for the people who don’t this will be a pleasant surprise. I present you: the first part of Hitman A new life recreated in Far Cry 5 Arcade:



I you got any tips for me to make it even better, please share! :sun_with_face:


My jaw dropped! This is absolutely amazing! Chilling atmosphere to have this level remade like this. Wow, now I really want to play it.


What? How? When? Da fak? Looks fucking amazing mayne :wink:


Top notch work! I just got the game on PS4 so I’ll be sure to give this a go when I get home.


Man, when you climbed the tree house ladder and the sniper was waiting there on the table… :heart_eyes:


Just to clarify some things: it’s not available to play yet. It still needs a lot of work and the mansion hasn’t even been build yet. It won’t be available any time soon.

I’m glad you guys like it! @Doormaker is the real hero in this, he gave me the idea by posting his level in the Far Cry 5 thread. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m struggling with the light/shadow effects and how to build the mansion. I’m sure it’ll be fine, just need to find out how.

I will post more screenshots when I updated the map even more. Stay tuned! :grin:


You should send it to Ubisoft’s Twitter to see if ther submitt it later as a featured map with other videogames theme.


This is beyond awesome… keep up rhe good work…


Really great. Tree house was a nice touch.

Is vinnie’s house still a work in progress? looked like it was just his garage although the surrounding neighborhood looked pretty complete.


Yup, didn’t build the mansion yet because I can’t find the right tools. I need certain walls to build the house but I just can’t find them. Maybe I need to improvise.


For a work in progress it already looks pretty amazing.


This brings back some great memories nicely done Danger_dog.


You fulfilled my initial vision. Looks phenomenal.


I FINALLY found the right way to build the mansion. I think Ubisoft updated the game so now I can change textures on the gerenic objects. I found the matching textures for the house and can start building now. I’ll drop a few more screens when the time is right.


The first part of the mansion has been built! And to me this the most fun part of the whole map to make, mostly because all the items are easy to find. :slight_smile:

If you want to be a part in this and want to help make it an awesome map, post your screenshots of the mansion and the details inside of it down below or send them to me. It’s much easier for me that way than watching a YouTube video with slow internet.


Is it for PC, Xbox or PS?


PlayStation 4


I can already imagine Vinnie in that chair.


What’s with this screenshot crap. Make a video already!


I’m really sorry, but I can’t just throw unfinished work online!

Maybe you can kill time with this screenshot of the finished living room!

Only thing missing is Vinnie in his chair