Hitman - A new life recreation in Far Cry 5


Hi everyone. I’ve been working on a project for quite some time, and I thought it’s time to share some results. People who follow me on Twitter might’ve seen some already, but for the people who don’t this will be a pleasant surprise. I present you: the first part of Hitman A new life recreated in Far Cry 5 Arcade:

I you got any tips for me to make it even better, please share! :sun_with_face:


My jaw dropped! This is absolutely amazing! Chilling atmosphere to have this level remade like this. Wow, now I really want to play it.


What? How? When? Da fak? Looks fucking amazing mayne :wink:


Top notch work! I just got the game on PS4 so I’ll be sure to give this a go when I get home.


Man, when you climbed the tree house ladder and the sniper was waiting there on the table… :heart_eyes:


Just to clarify some things: it’s not available to play yet. It still needs a lot of work and the mansion hasn’t even been build yet. It won’t be available any time soon.

I’m glad you guys like it! @Doormaker is the real hero in this, he gave me the idea by posting his level in the Far Cry 5 thread. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m struggling with the light/shadow effects and how to build the mansion. I’m sure it’ll be fine, just need to find out how.

I will post more screenshots when I updated the map even more. Stay tuned! :grin:


You should send it to Ubisoft’s Twitter to see if ther submitt it later as a featured map with other videogames theme.


This is beyond awesome… keep up rhe good work…


Really great. Tree house was a nice touch.

Is vinnie’s house still a work in progress? looked like it was just his garage although the surrounding neighborhood looked pretty complete.


Yup, didn’t build the mansion yet because I can’t find the right tools. I need certain walls to build the house but I just can’t find them. Maybe I need to improvise.


For a work in progress it already looks pretty amazing.


This brings back some great memories nicely done Danger_dog.


You fulfilled my initial vision. Looks phenomenal.