Hitman Absolution closes repeatedly

Never been to this forum so I do not know if this goes here, but I recently got Hitman Blood Money and Absolution on the Steam sale. After blowing through Blood Money I now want to play Absolution but it doesn’t work. I open it, the pre-game window appears that you can change settings and the like in, then the game starts loading in. Sometimes it stops working here, stuttering on the sound effect a few times before force closing. No crash report, no error, just close like nothing happened. Sometimes if I play it running as the admin, I can go for a good five to ten minutes before stuttering and closing. Yes I have verified my files and it says everything is good, yes I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling in addition to a force close and restart of Steam, yes I have run it as the administrator, and no none of these things are working. I really just want to play the game but I can’t seem to get it to function. If there was some crash pop-up I would at least be able to troubleshoot that way, but the force close with no information does nothing for me and every place I’ve looked as the same three solutions for the problem and none of them work.