Hitman Absolution Contract

Hello my name is Laksa i play Hitman Absolution on steam and i dont know how to play contract any help me pls :smiley:

You can’t. Hitman Absolution Contracts servers aren’t active anymore so you can’t use Contracts Mode, sorry


hitman absolution :dear developers why my contracts do not work and whether they will work or you will not support this game

Hi @mister_fox
Hitman: Absolution was created under the ownership of Square Enix, and after IO Interactive parted ways with Square Enix the servers were no longer under IO Interactive’s control.
It is very unlikely that Contracts Mode will return to Hitman: Absolution.
Contracts Mode has returned in the new Hitman games and is exponentially better.
You can learn more about the new Hitman games right here
Have a good day!

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