Hitman Absolution Difficulty

Hi, I have just started to play Hitman for first time and I found this game incredibly difficult. Can someone please advice me how am I supposed to know what to do in this game and how to complete objectives? There is no guide to tell me what to do and I really dont know.

You have 5 difficuilty settings man, take your pick, each one of them tells you what is enabled, what disabled, what is harder and what’s easier. All in the main menu when you start the game.


There should be a tutorial mission…


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What exactly are you having trouble with. Absolution’s gameplay works slightly different to any other hitman game. You have certain feature such as the Point Shooting. Can you explain what level you are on? In the menu usually shows you the objectives and Instinct mode highlights the enemies and targets and lower difficulty.

Also I’m going to edit your title because you spelt Absolution wrong.

I had the same impression at first. Like “this is the most difficult game I ever played”. But then I understood the game, actually I learned the NPC’s movements and everything became really easy after completing the game different times

Observation, and Trial and Error are very important, Hitman is not like most games where you run in, shoot everything and will likely finish the mission on your first run. The fun in Hitman comes from the planning and careful execution of your mission. So watch what people do, experiment with what happens when you interact with the environment (turn things on/off), the challenges give good ideas, and throwing objects for distraction has the most effect in Absolution.

Here’s my runs, they’re all Silent Assassin, Suit Only and No KOs, but even for normal playthroughs should give some ideas:


if you want to confuse a player, give him more than 1 difficulty.

hitman’s tutorials are the worst thing in the series.

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Why? I find the tutorials quite good in Hitman.


I think the tutorial for Absolution is pretty straight-forward. Start on easy, and play through that first tutorial mission (A Perfect Contract) a bunch of times to get the hang of things. Then move on. As far as what you’re supposed to do, there is never any one way to do something. Though Absolution is a bit lower on creative freedom than a game like Blood Money, there’s still a LOT of stuff to do. Identify your targets, then just figure out various ways to kill them without anyone being the wiser. Experiment. Trial and error. Good luck!

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