Hitman Absolution for PS4

Does anyone know something about a PS4 Absolution release? I searched for some news but found just old ones like the french site who leaked it.
Absolution might not be great, but it was what it was. Plus they made it for Mac

I am hoping when time comes to announce Hitman 6 with a trailer that there will be the possibility of a remastered Hitman Absolution for the ps4 just to celebrate or to raise founds

I think we’re well past the point where Absolution will ever be ported to any new platforms.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Besides IO are shifting all their attention towards Hitman 6.

I agree that this game is not lucrative or commercially-successful enough to demand a next-gen re-release, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. As @badeaguard mentioned, Hitman: Absolution was just released on Mac (May 15, 2014), so we’re clearly not too far past the point of it being ported. As is the case with many ports, the Mac port was outsourced to a smaller developer (Feral Interactive), thereby not taking up a whole lot of IOI’s time.

I still wouldn’t hold my breath for it, but it is possible.

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They could remaster Absolution alongside SA, Contracts and Blood Money for PS4 to make a pretty kickass compilation. That might be profitable.

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That’s not actually true. It’s the second-best selling Hitman game to date, only behind Silent Assassin. Sales wouldn’t be a reason not to re-release it.

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I think they theoretically could since they would need to really just need to upgrade a bit of the settings, and make the game play at around 60fps like The Last of Us Remaster. They could port-down the PC version.

But not sure they’d really want to do that. Hitman 6 probably won’t come for a while. I predict we still have a year to go. Since that would make Absolution a 3-4 year old game, I’d love to see it just be a free install add-on included on the Hitman 6 disc, like what Ubisoft did for ACII: Revelations.

They’ve already recently done this for PS3. I don’t think another remaster of all 4 previous games will be likely, at least not soon.

Honestly I just want Contracts, Silent Assassin, and Blood Money on ps4.

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look at all these peasants lamenting the lack of old games on their platform. This is why you should join the masterrace, you are free from generation gaps. If you have a decent PC you can play games from 10 years back and 10 years forward.

The same can be said for pretty much any other game. If I have a PS4 and want to relive some old memories…do I have to drop another $70 on the remastered version of a game? What if a remastered version never comes? Do I have to buy a PS2 from a pawnshop and keep a bunch of consoles hooked up to my tv so I can revisit Max Payne 2?

I recently am re-living classics like Vice City. This is not an option available to those with a peasantstation4 or shitbox1.

Join the masterrace. You can get a good PC for only $600 (just 200 more than a PS4) so financial barriers are not an issue. And plus, thanks to Steam sales you won’t be dropping $70 on each new game. If you think about it the extra expenses rationalize themselves over time.

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why would they remaster Absolution? they should do the opposite and destroy all copies. send them to the landfill that the E.T. Atari games are buried in.

I’m still waiting for this news. Will they ever make it? I’m really hoping for some PS3 to Ps4 collection from H2 till Absolution. That will be wonderful

The Xbox One got a backwards comparability for it. But, the thing with IOI is that they’re not Capcom, they don’t get to abuse the privilege of being trigger happy in porting over their old stuff.

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There were rumors Sony was planning to do the same with PS2 games. But after a year still nothing apparently.

Probably cause by doing so, we’d probably focus less attention to the new games and stay inside the nostalgia bubble of the PS2 era.

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Well, I’m hoping now that IO is independent there might be the possibility to have Absolution for the PS4.

And I’m still hoping till today…

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