Hitman Absolution Is Still Active Online


I read somewhere that Hitman Absolution Server is down.

Is it correct ?


tbh at this point it can probably be assumed they’re never coming back. They’ve been gone for about nine months.

There would be no point for them to create new servers, release a patch for a seven year old game for the previous console generation to point them to the new servers and incur all those costs for just a very small handful of players.

And yes, IO did promise that they would return at some point - but they also promised to release the Definitive Edition suits for H2016 at some point during 2018… And that never happened.


Yes, it is down. It probably belongs to Square Enix, and IO have no rights on it, unfortunately.


I contacted Square Enix, on their site and in the reply they informed that Hitman titles are not monitored any more by Square Enix and they suggested to contact IO.


This is ok due to splitting IO and Square Enix.
But physical infractructure may be still the ownership of SE. And IOI have no control and access to those servers to plug them power in. That’s the issue


I bought Hitman Absolution DVD few years ago and i forgot about that.

I want to play Hitman Absolution, but i cannot install it.

Can i play it offline in anyhow ? How can i do that ?

I saw on Steam installer that i can still buy Hitman Absolution.

If i buy now can i able to play it ?


I have “Hitman Absolution” on Steam (no physical media) and can play it single-player on my PC without any problems. I played a few hours ago :slight_smile:

In regards to the servers being offline, I believe that the servers applied solely to Contracts mode; I refer to IO Interactive’s post here.



On the Hitman Absolution DVD disc i saw only Steam installer given.

When i ran the disc, Steam downloaded and updated the Steam installer.

Now on registering the product, Steam giving me an error the product key is invalid and for this steam not going to download the game.

But on Square-Enix site my product key had been accepted.

Now is there anyway to download the game and play it without Steam ?