Hitman Absolution not listed in games when syncing to Steam

Hello, I have a problem, I bought Hitman Absolution on Steam, I have registered it on Squeenix, of course nothing has linked, I have tried for 2 hours to link it, no luck, not even sniper challenge is linked, just nothing. So I went to https://account.ioi.dk/, logged in and only my copy of HITMAN™ 2016 is listed there. Please, could you help me somehow to link to ioi account or atleast Square Enix account? Maybe I have overlooked something. I just cant get Contracts mode working. Thanks

There is no contracts mode in Absolution in current state and current time.
More about: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-absolution-service-message/

The contract server is down, don’t expect it to be back anytime soon.

If Absolution is not appearing in your libary at all, try to google for that in a general manner, like “steam game I won is not in libary”.

It can’t happen unless you hidden the game or deleted it from account entirely.
All games should be visible in Steam Library

It is listed in Steam library, but not in https://www.ioi.dk/ on my account, as I said my copy of HITMAN™ is there, but not Absolution. And off topic, is there any way to use DLC content in singleplayer somehow? Like offline contracts or something like this?

Absolution maybe shouldn’t be listed in IOI account.
It’s an old game and IOI account appeared relatively recently. Possibly Absolution even does not support linking with IOI account.
In offline mode you only can play all main missions but without any challenges and all this stuff.
Patient Zero campaign counts as DLC and you can play it in offline mode as well.