Hitman : Absolution servers

Hello there,

I just lost about 30 minutes digging informations about updates about this. I suggest IOI makes an official update about how things are going. There are no official news since May 2018.
I’m pretty sure servers are not coming back, so please let us know ASAP

thanks, bye

ps: AmericanSoldier47 was right

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there’s no updates, so they won’t say anything

ps: AmericanSoldier47 was an idiot :^)

latest update is from January of this year btw

Contracts Mode: Where is it? Why is it gone?
Ever since the change to remove contracts mode from Absolution was forced upon us due to GDPR rules and the fact that we do not have ownership of the Absolution Contracts Mode servers, we’ve been looking into ways to restore it. We will continue to investigate other possibilities, but we can’t promise anything specific at this point in time.


ok thank you
still hoping…

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