Hitman Absolution: Something Brown!

There was nothing about 47 being an addict in SA, as far as I remember.

What? everyone can become addicted to drugs, alcohol and other stimulants. Just because you are a “thug” does not mean your a subhuman and your body reacts different. 47 is addicted to pain killers in Damnation. He takes them because they calm him down, however he does realize they are affecting him, so he goes cold turkey. The hunger for the drugs stays with him for a few days, but he’s able to fight it off much faster then a normal human, because he is what he is. The reason why he uses pain killers in Damnation is because he gets hurt in an avalanche and ends up with server back pain. 47 drinking his guilt away is not far off, he see him in Silent Assassin confess his sins to Emilio Vittorio, and how he’s done horrible things in the past. If 47 can regret killing targets his targets, people he don’t care about and when he fell he have betrayed the only human he feels connected to, it is easy to see why he would try and drink it away. 47 is not a robot, there is a reason we play as 47 and not a 48 series clone. He would a boring character if he did not process any humanity.

47 ain’t addicted to anything in Silent Assassin.

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I’m sure he meant that 47 being creme de la creme of assassins, he wouldn’t jeopardize his professionalism by getting mixed with hindering addictions. Some people sometimes claim that he can’t get addicted, but that is not what I got from AgentNo47’s last post.


Well i might have jumped the gun on that one, i might have misunderstood him.

Stress is what makes you reactive.

In “Contracts”, he adopted a fatalistic attitude toward death precisely to manage this stress, it does not mean he is resigned to die.

Actually i was answering to this quote:

And again: Only common criminal would be addicted to an alcohol or other stimulants.

I know. So let him be addicted to it. Second addiction would make 47 looked too susceptible to such stuff, wouldn’t it?

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Damnation is in line with the rest of the series, lot’s of stealth, high risk targets and so on. 47 is physically and mentaly different from normal humans, he faster, smarter and stronger. He is superhuman, he was bread to be that way, this is ancient hitman lore.

I’m not saying drinking or being an addict to alcohol or drugs is fundamental to what is to be called human, but that every one can become an addict. The reason why 47 is different when it comes to moral, is because he come loveless and isolated secret lab and have never been taught anything else then ‘survival of the fittest’. 47 will do what is necessary, and act cold and calculated if it threatens his well being.


In Blood Money, his respiration is strong and with mouth.

You have it backwards. It’s not ‘people who never drink alcohol are robots’, it’s ‘people who get addicted to alcohol are humans’. I won’t argue that alcoholism isn’t the best of habits, but the fact remains that 47, no matter how professional he is, is in a HUGELY stressful job, where the slightest slip-up could be fatal. YES, he should not drink on the job - I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t compromise his clear thinking - but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got wasted between contracts.

Understand, please. I’m not saying 47 SHOULD be an alcoholic or a junkie in H6. I’m just saying that, were someone at IO to decide that it will be so, it would be a justifiable choice.


Do you even read what you write? I mean, I order myself an alcoholic drink when I go to a pub sometimes. Does that make me an addict? NO. And 47 took ONE DRINK at the motel. Where, WHERE did you see “hunderds of bottles” in 47’s room? I’m starting to think that you’re so butthurt over Absolution that you come up with just about any argument to show how bad the game is.

When and where did 47 “overuse” alcohol? Please show us some proof.

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the app including these images can be downloaded for IPad here

this picture combined to things we see in the game can clearly prove that developers were going for a super emotional alcoholic crazy 47 for absolution.

I think we should be really thankful,because there were a lot of other ridiculous things that could happen to 47 in Abs:

47 falling in love?! :angry:

These concept arts remind of anything and everything except Hitman. These are Max Payne-ish stuff

I think I should be a lot more concerned than enough about 47 in H6,I really really hope developers go to a right direction this time. Not only about how they make 47, but also about how the gameplay and other important stuff will be.

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Can you please give a link to this?

I found them here:

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Not that 47 was some deranged alcoholic junkie loverboy in Absolution.

But they ultimately they didn’t. Concepts are concepts. Creativity shouldn’t be stifled at development phase. Even if you have terrible, TERRIBLE ideas, don’t ban having them. If it inspires you, pursue it if it still tickles your brain. If you toy around with some idea about 47 being a derelict, maybe some of that can be recycled into an NPC or something. But if your idea is terrible, it’ll just be cut after consideration.

You should see the amount of concepts they had for Kratos for example. They aren’t even recognizable to the final version, but you have to have something to polish or reject.

The open letter pretty much says next Hitman will pursue the apex predator fantasy, so I don’t think this is something to have too much stress over.


I hope you’re right.

it’s actually hilarious how far these images seem from what you interpret them as. I bet if they had remade A Murder of Crows in Absolution you’d say: “Chicken costumes? They’re trying to say 47 is a coward!”

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oh man literally every thread right now is on a Absolution does/doesnt suck argument :/. look i hate Absolution very much but cant we just agree to disagree and talk about Hitman 6?


buying a dlc disguise is optional too.

You clearly have a very specific negative way you want to interpret everything about Absolution’s intent towards 47. I was just joking about it, but it’s fine if you feel that way. It’s just not at all convincing to me.


47 consuming any form of alcohol DOES NOT make him an alcoholic, he’s been shown drinking in Blood Money (in the airplane, on his way to DC) and he even asks for a refill, but the circumstances in which he orders a drink in Absolution is what makes me suspicious about him, he’s at a pretty low point, and the fact that he seeks relief in alcohol (and the fact that he sought relief in drugs in Damnation) is what worries me as these things make him reckless and prone to making huge mistakes in times where could afford none (in his regular state of mind, 47 would not have allowed the Saints to catch him off-guard in his bathrobes), I’m all for making 47 more human, but I’m against irrational decisions, for example, 47 dropping his guard at the beginning of Silent Assassin is very reasonable, as he disappeared after the end of Codename:47 and made sure to cover his trail,so he didn’t have any reason to be alert which showed us that he was not a robot always on guard, but him choosing to drop his guard look for relief in alcohol in that circumstance in Absolution is very unreasonable and a character breaking in an attempt to show human weakness, as he had every reason to stay alert, a guy like 47 knows better not to drop his guards when he’s being chased by multiple parties even if it was a very hard time for him personally,so for me, the fact that he’s an alcoholic or not doesn’t really bother me as he was shown that he wasn’t affected in the same way as normal people in Damnation, but what bothers me is that they made him have the mindset of an addict, seeking relief in alcohol and drugs when faced with difficult situations even when he knows he souldn’t.


Lol so apparently the topic went from “what was 47 ordering?” from “He’s an alcoholic only because he drank a lil of alcohol which he wasn’t able to finish since wild Sexy nuns girls blew up the room”

It was just one drink… ._. it’s not like he was consuming drugs + alcohol like Max does in Max Payne 3.