Hitman Absolution vs Blood Money


I want to get into the Hitman series and don’t know where to start. I love stealth games and think hitman looks good, but i want to know which game is better for newcomers to the series. I do care about graphics, but gameplay is prioritised. I also don’t feel like waiting until hitman 2016 and paying £40 for something i don’t know if i like. I have recently been playing assassins creed 2 and batman: arkham city, so stealth games are a favourite.

Any help would be appreciated,
Many thanks


Wait for a big sale. Hitman games get very cheap. Buy all of them and play in the same order aussie said.


Is it best with a keyboard and mouse or controller? and is it 16:9 or 4:3 as it’s new enough that i’d assume it’s 16:9 but the steam screenshots are 4:3?


I’m talking about blood money


Start With Contracts.


You can play blood money in most modern resolutions. The older games on the other hand you can’t. You can try to mod it though.

None of the hitman games except absolution can be played with a controller. Unless you use a third party software.


Start with Blood Money. Most probably it will more resemble HITMAN 2016 than Absolution.


How long are blood money’s loading times? Should i put it on my ssd or my hdd?


It was made in 2006, loading times are quick.
maybe a minute or two for a level on a mediocre hard drive.


It’d require an ancient pc to take 1 minute for loading blood money.

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U mean Hitman 2 silent assassin or Hitman 2018? Btw nice advice mate.