Hitman absolution worth in 2019?

Absolution is the only hitman I never played and it’s on sale right now on steam, I’m thinking about getting it but I’ve heard the servers are all down for a while, can I enjoy the game anyway? I’m also a completionist so I’m worried about being unable to get online challenges/achievements

You will be able to get achievements and there is a lot to do without contracts there.
Maybe some day contracts will come back and you’ll regret that didn’t take your chance now :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t count on the servers coming back anytime soon if ever. I would pass, then again I am not objective on the topic of Absolution.

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Absolution is a very good game if you take it for what it is. Seeing everyone give it hate about it not being a blood money clone does start to get irritating

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Not to derail, but that has never been the argument. I give it hate because it is an affront to everything wholesome and decent in the world.


No, achievements tied to contracts mode are unobtainable now. Or did that somehow changed recently? It’s been a while, since i had that game installed, but pretty sure i wasn’t able to complete them 100%, bc the contract ones are locked.

Chill dude, it’s only a game

But I do get your point and I have the read the arguments about it being too linear and the story being not so great and all the other stuff. But it still had a unique twist on 47, seeing him change and evolve over time. It still looks better than the current hitman (in some places not all) and the animations are top notch. Anyhow, I won’t derail the thread any further.

To answer the OP, sure why not. Give it a try. Play up to the king of Chinatown and you should have had a decent look at the game. If you like it, keep it! If not, you can get a refund providing you stayed under 2 hours of playtime

i think they removed the achievements for those in the HD thingy

As far as I remember I did couple of achievements some time ago.
It was after contracts were terminated. I got Absolution for a discount on one of the sales.
It was something like September 2018. Absolution achievemets system is built-in-game, there is no online mode there except contracts

To the OP, sure go ahead, I see no reason why not. Just be prepared for a, let’s just say… very different experience than every other game in this series. :wink:


To be honest for the price it is being sold at the sale, I think very few games aren’t worth that price. If you are interested in Absolution, I say go for it. Even if you don’t like it, it won’t cost you much to find out.

Okay, OP is talking about Steam version, so no HD, and the contracts achievements are still there and unobtainable. I’m sitting at 81% and stuff like " You bought an upgrade for a weapon", " You participated in a contract competition" etc. is inaccessible, so no chance for 100% anytime soon.

Yeah, the campaign ones are available and dropping, but not the contracts ones. If someone is a completionist, they will be missing those.

Can we bring up the fact that you missed out a crucial part of the statement

I dunno, can we bring up the fact that it was clearly just for a joke and not a serious criticism of you?