Hitman: Agencies

We all know there will be another Hitman, but what shape will that take? I’ve been pondering what I would like to see in a future Hitman game and what new directions it could take other than new locations and weapons. Rather than form this like a wishlist, I’ll instead make it more interesting as if it were a pitch for this game, and see what you all think.
Welcome, to Hitman: Agencies.
In Hitman: Agencies, you will delve in to the secret, brutal, and lucrative underworld that is contract killing. In Hitman: Agencies, you will create your own personalized assassin and take on the world of assassination.
Singleplayer Story Campaign
In Hitman: Agencies, you play the role of a newly recruited member of the ICA, taken under the wing of Agent 47 and Diana. Throughout the single player you will learn the basics of your trade as you rise through the ranks of the ICA and earn the respect of 47 and Diana. Like the last games, as you try different approaches to each objective you will gain points towards your total score. In Hitman: Agencies, your score will determine your payout at the end of you mission. End poorly, and you might not walk away with as much money as the silent assassin himself might have.
Agencies Mode
New to Hitman: Agencies is it’s Agency mode. Once you feel comfortable, you can align your agent to one of three agencies; The ICA, The Enclave, and Ossicor Rex. Each with unique traits and unlockable weapons.
Your Wallet
Each mission you undertake will earn you a payout when successfully completed depending on your actions based on your agency’s preferred methodology. This money may be used to purchase new weapons, attire, costumes, gadgets, tools, and customize weapons. This would be an entirely in-game currency, no micro-transactions required.
Working for the legendary ICA isn’t an easy task. Filled with some of the top assassins in the world, you will find a level of finesse and expertise that is unmatchable. The ICA prefers silent assassins; ghosts that were never there and kills that will never be questions. ICA payouts bonus for things like accidental deaths to targets, not being spotted, and not killing non-targets.
The Enclave
Formerly a European private military corporation, The Enclave has recently got into the contract killing game. They use brutal and violent tactics to end their targets, with little worry about collateral damage, and prefer to go in guns blazing. Enclave payouts bonus for thing such as killing target guards and violent target deaths.
Occisor Rex
One of the oldest contract agencies, Occisor Rex has become the premier agency for vengeance based contracts. They look to be as professional as the ICA, but want their kills to send a message to whoever is watching. Riding in the middle between the Enclave and ICA Occisor Rex payout bonus on things like in the open visible target deaths, violent target deaths, and no non-target kills.
Director Mode
In Hitman: Agencies, Contracts mode evolves. For simple missions, you can choose to use the tried and true Contracts mode. For those who want to control every aspect, the new Director Mode allows you to open a map as a blank slate. You control every target, every actor, every civilian. Create custom actors to portray different parts of your contract. Set patrols for characters, change between day and night, and control the story you want to tell. Like Contracts mode, you will have to complete the mission before you can share it.
Multiplayer: Rivals
In additon to Ghost comes Rivals. You and another rival Hitman race to take out targets. Unlike ghosts, you are able to physically interact with your opponent. While you play on the same map, neither of you know each others starting locations or identity. After three kills, you are both authorized to eliminate each other. If you can spot the other Hitman and take them out unseen, you can earn huge bonuses to the mission payout.

Just a few ideas thrown out there, but this is the next iteration of a Hitman game that I thought would be fun.


I love the enthusiasm, don’t super love the idea (cool title tho, thought it was official for a sec)

I wouldn’t wanna play as anyone but 47 tbh, he IS Hitman

Factions just seems weird, doesn’t really fit what I think of as Hitman

Very blood money, don’t super love it tho. I prefer the current model of straight unlocks IO is doing. A little customisation of weapons could be good though

Farrrrrrr too difficult to implement. I’d rather IO builds interesting levels than gives us a platform to make our own mediocre levels on

Okay I genuinely love this idea, think it’s maybe the only feasible one and I reckon I should be a feature in H3 (doesn’t need it’s own game tho)


After reading this, you have better described what I was hoping would be next for hitman when this story is done. The only thin I would add to this that you didnt really mention is the ability to stay neutral or independant. Taking contracts from which ever agency you want. Maybe Enclave has the same contract ICA has but ICA is paying more. If you are working for Enclave you cant take that bonus where as if you are a for hire hit, you could take ICA’s contract but not being affiliated with them means you will have to pay full price for ICA branded gear.

As for this, despite thinking it is awesome and I would love it, I think it is far too unlikely. It would require just too much work to just be a mode. That type of work would be the same as making an entire separate game, and I doubt people except the extreme fans would pay full game price for essentially a buffed up contracts mode.

I agree this is probably best used as the game after this HITMAN trilogy. I really love the idea of Director’s Mode though!

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The way I interpreted this is like this. Lets take the Silver Baller. Depending on who you buy it from it will look and function different. If you buy the Enclave version Silverballer, it will be unsilenced. If you get the ICA version it will be the classic Baller we all love. If you get the Ossicor Rex branded one it may come with a different type of explosive ammo. (just random off the top of my head).

Also If you are commited to one faction you can get a discount on their gear while you have to pay full price for the other branches.

Doesnt have to be that but just illustrating what I think it means.

The only Hitman game I want to play is one where Agent 47 is the playable character. And only him.

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The way you describe this I feel it would relate to Destiny too much with the factions and etc , don’t know if it would be wise for Io to stray to far from the old beaten path unfortunately.

I totally get what you mean. Link is the hero of Hyrule I want to play as Link. Just as Link is synonomous with Hyrule so to is 47 synonomous with HITMAN. But 47 is already an older person, and his past is already been flushed out to no end and stories pertaining to him have to have their limits. Because people die. 47 is not immortal. He will die some day. I personally don’t think the HITMAN franchise has to die with him.

I think a way to do this is to make this a mode in the next game. just like a contracts mode have a career mode. A mode where you create a character work for an agency and work with 47 as a mentor type figure. Just to test the waters, see how people feel. There will still be a single player campaign where you play as 47 but will let people see what this kind of mode can offer.

To me I would rather 47 become a title that allows the hitman franchise to continue you in newer and more innovative ways. Similar too but not exactly like how there was like 9 different James Bonds portrayed by different peoples. I too would like something similar where 47 eventually becomes a title. for the best assassin in the business. Obviously not this game, or even the next, hell it could be 2 decades from now. but 47 will need to die, and be replaced by someone younger, and more able, just to have fresher stories. I personally believe it is better to put the footholds of that path in early, to slowly set people up for that over time so that eventually when it does happen it wont be an all at once jarring moment.

They could even do something like the Son of 47 although even if 47 was capable of having a kid he doesnt seem like the kind of person who’d make one. If he did that would really kinda betray my expectation of the character, but they could absolutely make that work. Or maybe someone tried to make a clone of 47 to improve upon him further kinda like how they were trying to make Victoria a superior 47 in Absolution.

But that is just my take on it.

Im not the OP but I think I get what they are talking about and I can say it is absolutely NOTHING like Destiny.

Eh if 47 has to go I hope they do something smart like…

47 dies but his bone marrow is harvested after death and another clone is made identical to 47 but maybe with a different voice actor. I love bateson but hea getting old and the whole point of retiring 47 is because he cant live forever I think the same applies to David lol. The twist is, the clone is made by Providence or another agency like the Franchise. Therefore you play as a bald killer clone AGAINST the ICA. In this game you actually kill Diana and its nothing personal… unlike Absolution.



Welcome to the forum

Like just about everything but the factions

I fully support this idea


Young 47? New clone? Idk but its a good idea nonetheless. They can bring the character anywhere and it wouldnt seem out of character because… It isnt 47. Just a clone.

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mmm … no,
reincarnation as a new young body and some old memory and character too

Did you make this image, Andre? It’s really awesome! Even if it does make 47 look boyishly cute :smile: