HITMAN: All Targets from All Hitman games (2000-2012) - video


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Here’s my video that includes every target from every Hitman game, starting from Codename 47 and finishing with Absolution. I decided it would be nice to have one big compilation from the targets while we wait for next Hitman game. Video is 1h 10min long and originally was the size of 10gb. but I converted it to 2gb without losing much of a quality, otherwise the upload would take 30+ hrs. Games were recorded on max graphics settings at 1920x1080 resolution. Enjoy watching 47 doing his business!

Note: Watch in HD (720p or 1080p) for the best quality.

So what’s your favourite target in the franchise and why?


Lee hong…
Because he was so powerful…you had to do jobs like sea food massacre mission to make him vulnerable.
Imagine if you didn’t do that missions how he was defended…


Mine would be the general from St.Petersburg Stakeout. That missions is filled with the atmosphere and the settings in good old-cold Russia were amazing. Kinda reminded me of good classic James Bond movies. I loved the intro and outro of that mission with 47 arriving in the train. Also it when I played it for the first time - it was really intense as I didn’t knew who my target really was and Diana had to give all the info.


Dr Ort-Meyer and clones… Just perfect revenge for wasted youth.



Lee Hong, definitely


The video isn’t available in Germany. :frowning:


Why is it so? Does it has something to do with the Mature content of the video or it’s because of Germany’s YouTube policies?


More likely this. Germany is kind of heavy with their censorship, and I assume they’ve got to Youtube lately.


Fortunately I’ve watched the video some months ago. I can’t understand the reasoning behind blocking videos here.


Are you going to make video about Targets in Hitman season one after realese of Landslide