Hitman and Nudity

This isn’t meant to be goofy, or cause arguments, I’m just curious on your thoughts on Hitman and nudity. We’ve seen, through the history of this game, plenty of “attractive” women, so we know IO is cool with adding women with big breasts, curves, and sexual themes. Where they fall short, IMO, is actually showing nudity. Now before anyone gets offended, I’m not talking a GTA style “go kill hookers and take their money” contract, but nudity in context to the scenario. God of War, Heavy Rain, Dante’s Inferno, and more recently The Witcher 3 have all had plenty of nudity in them, and made it work properly. This game is already going to be MA rated, we know this, it’s not a kids game, so adding nudity will not change the rating. I’m under the impression that if you’re going to send me to a strip club (Absolution), do not, I repeat, do not, put pasties and stars over their breasts, that makes no sense to me. I’m an adult, I have to be an adult to buy the game, so it’s OK IO. If you’re going to have these women in the game, sexual themes, locations that clearly condone nude women, then why not actually have nude women?

OK, I’m done, and everyone prob thinks I’m a perv now, but I said what I wanted to say. Hopefully some of you see my point that it’s more about treating us as adults, and not kids. I’m curious on your guys thoughts on Hitman and nudity moving forward. Has anyone else ever wondered why they only go so far, like they tease us in a way?


I think pointless sexualization that serves no other purpose than to titillate is actually treating the audience like children. Revealing that extra bit of skin to show a nipple under a sticker will not make the game any more mature. Sex is a mature theme, but it’s rarely handled maturely in gaming and often panders to the male audience as if they were 14 year old kids who just masturbated for the first time.

There’s a “sexism in Hitman” thread that you might like to visit that deals with the topic of nudity and sexuality in the Hitman games and how it’s often a one sided affair. Worth reading.


Honestly I tend to worry that if they have the bare nips it’ll reduce exposure, and that the “statement” made by the bare nipples just wouldn’t warrant the potential reduction in exposure.

Traditionally Hitman dialogue has been pretty juvenile and the world fairly cartoony - so the pasties on the balloon boobs help sell the absurdity that removes it from reality and hence helps them sell to the concerned masses that it is NOT a real hitman simulator - it’s a game in a different world similar to ours.

Various places in the world are weird about nudity and it’s also easy for your game’s marketing and message to get derailed because of it. Plus pasties are pretty fun to design.


I see your point on “pointless sexualization”, that’s why I mentioned GTA. To me, sending me into a strip club, then putting pasties on the women is extremely childish in a game rated MA. If you don’t want to show topless women, then fine, don’t, but don’t send me into a strip club either, understand? It makes the game unrealistic and makes me feel the developers were “scared” of who they may offend. Do it, or don’t, don’t go half way is my point.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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Didn’t you hear the npc dialogue? This game is for kids, so no nudity.

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It’s rated MA.

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Haha, sorry man, I added the word n u d i t y. I find it interesting how the world treats n u d i t y, which is why I created this topic.

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you’ve just described the whole U.S. entertainment industry. All U.S. TV shows and most movies treat the audience like retards. It’s like their attitude is ,“well, the writing is so bad, show 'em a pair of boobs , and that will make 'em forget how bad the show or movie is”.

I can agree with some of that, and add language too your point . Almost any Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill movie any more has to have a curse word as every other word, and it’s horrible. These days movies are just being recycled from the past, everything is a remake because rarely does anyone have a new “good” idea. People used to write good movies, comedies were actually comedies that made you laugh, now days they don’t know what to do so they show boobs, use big explosions, and curse because they can’t write decent script. That being said, I stand behind my original post. Don’t send me into a strip club in Hitman and not show me nudity. To me, it’s more about going through with a decision you’ve made, and not half-doing it.


That’s because they know that they’ll make millions regardless, wether the script is good or not. They don’t have to put any effort into it.

It’s a shame, but true. Movies aren’t what they used to be.

I don’t think the developers were really scared of offending anyone - This is a game which features scantily clad latex-fetish nun assassins, a whole host of questionable gay jokes, strippers that get violently raped and murdered and a mentally disabled man getting left to die of dehydration in the desert (or brutally murdered depending on your choice). Absolution was the most politically incorrect Hitman game to date, but as a consequence it also felt like it was the most juvenile. Showing full nudity in a strip club would not have helped to alleviate this overall feeling of immaturity if you ask me. I think Tore Blystad did an interview in which he said they never meant to offend people (this was after The Saints controversy) but they were certainly uncompromising in representing the above things.

For me, the Hitman game that handled sexual themes in the most abstract way was Blood Money. Very unusual use of sexual themes but also quite thought provoking. 47’s strength in that game is that he was “uncorruptable”, so to speak. The bombardment of horny characters and outrageously proportioned men and women were designed to make you uncomfortable and overwhelmed rather than aroused and titillate - Thus making you, as 47, feel like even more of an outsider.

Me too, I’m certainly no prude, but I also think that using female characters solely as a way of titillating the audience runs the risk of objectification. You mentioned The Witcher 3 earlier - This is a game that shows nudity in various ways, but it also handles its female cast respectfully. Characters like Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg are fully realized three dimensional characters who feel fully independent of Geralt, who show initiative and courage and other qualities - And will only get naked once or twice during certain scenes because it’s relevant to the story. Obviously they’re not sentient beings, but they’re treated by the designers and writers as humans rather than objects. A lot of games would benefit from this approach, and I think that given the moral greyness of a game like Hitman it’s not in their benefit to have a game where the player can murder hordes of nude women en masse.

I don’t necessarily agree - American media is incredibly prudish about sex. Any amount of nudity will guarantee you an R rating, but the MPAA have even gone as far to slap films with NC-17 ratings (usually reserved for pornography) if they show a woman enjoying a sexual act that is being performed on her - Even if the details are off camera. The traditional narrative is that we are so prudish about women’s sexuality that it can’t be featured prominently in any sex scene!

Also, even in an intelligently written show like Game of Thrones, they throw in a lot of nudity that some viewers have remarked to be excessive. There’s even a term for it now (sexposition - a sequence of exposition that takes place during a sexual encounter) that HBO appear to be masters of. I have no problem with sexually charged sequences like this, and the nudity didn’t really bother me. What bothered me more about Game of Thrones was the constant use of rape as a way of making the point that a male character is bad. Yes, I get it - Ramsay Bolton is an evil bastard, and Sansa is a victim. Do you really have to treat us to a rape scene to make a character more sympathetic and another more detestable? There are other ways, folks!

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This gave me good memories of Aeseric’s thread on voyeurism in Crapsolution.

How how GTA pointless sexualisation? Strip clubs and hookers are all very real.

GTA has topless women.

Wow, really? The filtration system is that ‘good’? Any page with a bad word is blocked? even in dictionaries, wiki etc?

That how it seems to be.

Hot coffee? Pulling over to get a prostitute? First person view of them sucking you off in the car? This all seems pretty “pointless” if you ask me, but the creepiest thing about it for me is how it’s associated with a gameplay mechanic and restores your health. As mentioned before, there’s a difference between women who are portrayed as being sexy and women who are sexually objectified. GTA games have traditionally participated in the latter.

Seems he was able to get around it. Usually these countries who have governments that like to censor the internet are really shit at it and the civilians who have any degree of technical knowledge will find a way around it. My brother lives in China and often gets sites like BBC censored when something is happening in China that the Government would rather people didn’t know.


Heavy Rain? You mean Gratuitous Shower Scene: The Game?

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Also, the reaaaaaaally uncomfortable “strip for me!” moment.

They took the decision to make that inaccessible.

Again that happens in the real world.

Not in IV and V. Can’t really hold them accountable for stuff they made more than a decade ago.

Yeah, there are literally sites like youtubeunblock.com, it’s that easy. Over here all the torrent sites are blocked, but a proxy is literally 2 clicks away.