Hitman and Nudity

I think Witcher is doing one very Childish thing though that bugs me, and that is making every women good looking, even peasants, I’m talking about the figure of the women, but also the face shapes has been perfected for perfection, nose, eyes, and the shape of the head etc. For me it’s obvious that the developers wants to present us with a good looking female all the time. I think it’s so badly done.

I honestly don’t care one way or another.


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I think Witcher is doing one very Childish thing though that bugs me, and that is making every women good looking, even peasants, I’m talking about the figure of the women, but also the face shapes has been perfected for perfection, nose, eyes, and the shape of the head etc. For me it’s obvious that the developers wants to present us with a good looking female all the time. I think it’s so badly done.[/quote]

To be honest there wasn’t all that much NPC variation in general, but I definitely recall seeing varying facial types when it comes to the female NPCs. There were a lot of old ladies too. The main female characters were designed to be exceptionally beautiful, though. At least they attempt to explain that sort of with the Sorceresses. Fun fact - Yennefer is over 100 years old and formerly a hunchback :wink:

Well, you said “How does GTA have pointless sexualisation?”. GTA = the whole series, so I don’t see why those games should be off limits when discussing this stuff. Oh, and i’m not trying to “hold anyone accountable” - I’m discussing prevailing themes, not people.

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Again that happens in the real world. [/quote]

Why is this relevant?

Any proxy will do the trick as well. The Tor project is a really useful thing as well, though it’s going to be most useful for people living under very oppressive regimes to communicate with each other anonymously. Internet access should be a human right in my opinion.

That, and the strip tease. I think it played out like a movie, so it was well used IMO. You can think differently, and that’s fine. The strip scene actually made tons of sense. You’re a reporter, need to get that guy alone so you offer him a dance in his room. The best part was, YOU controlled her and if/how she stripped. You can get through that scene without showing any nudity at all, if you so chose.

You know that wouldn’t be your only option for getting that guy alone if you were a male reporter.

“Hmm… I need to get that guy alone, guess I should offer to show him my boobs. Seems like my only option. Phew, good thing I have these boobs!”

Never said it was the “only” option, only that it was a good one for that character. Hey, it worked, I knocked him out and got what I needed. Mission well done.

You know what I mean though. Because it’s a female character, the immediate assumption is that naturally, she will offer sexual favours. It’s a problem.

I don’t see it as a problem though, only an option. The more “open” games get, the more options we should have. If I’m playing a character in a game, and I can use sex appeal as an option and complete my task, then so be it. We’ve been killing people with guns for how many years in games now? Why is using sex appeal all the sudden a “problem”. Some would argue violently executing a person at point blank range with a revolver is much more a problem than a strip tease. My point is, it’s all relative, so you shouldn’t omit certain things based on certain peoples feelings when we all have different opinions.

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I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read through the sexism in Hitman thread, because there is quite a lot in there, but this has been addressed in some detail, so I will link to it.

Take a look at: Sexism in Hitman Games (female targets)

Briefly, the problem is that running about killing people with guns is recognised as deviant behaviour in society. We know when we do that in a game, that it is not representative of the real world, and not something we would normally do.

However, the objectification of female characters, removing any agency (I know they’re not sentient, but you get my drift) and reducing them to little more than sexual beings who have no other option than to use their sex appeal to get anywhere is problematic, as it is something that is also presented day in and day out in the real world as “normal” for women, and expected. That is why continuing to perpetuate this is problematic.

For me, it’s all about context. I actually understand your initial point – if you’re in a strip club, why aren’t the strippers stripping? The problem is when you have every female character treated as a stripper, just because it’s a female character. Madison in Heavy Rain and Layla in Absolution were not strippers and yet, it’s hey, you got a problem? Get naked. That should solve it.


So we agree, excellent. Strippers in a HItman strip club need to be stripping. Glad we see eye to eye Sir.

You wanted them to be totally naked, though - Which isn’t necessarily a condition of “stripping”.

Nope, never said totally naked, just stripping. Really, it’s the pastie thing that I just thought was laughable. If those hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have a gripe.

To be honest, I didn’t have that much of a problem with the strip scene (other than the ridiculous way it controlled, but then again, this is a game where brushing your teeth is a minigame) - a female vigilante/journalist using her sex appeal to get close to a guy she needs to interrogate (and who also happens to be a womanizing asshole) in a night club setting. I didn’t necessarily see that as objectifying or particularly far-fetched. It certainly wasn’t Layla trying to kill 47 by stripping to her underwear and pulling a gun on him. However, the shower scene is something they really could’ve spared - just pointless objectification that serves no purpose to the story and is just there to titillate the 14 year olds in the audience.

Yes, I agree that they’re not the same, but I was making a general point about how that course of action is usually the only one a female character has.

Very interesting article about Blood Money and sex.

Just look at the points in Blood Money where 47 himself is tested for flaws. In ‘A Dance With the Devil’, two assassins are sent to intercept him. One, the man, is brash enough to reveal himself in conversation and challenge him to a duel in a locked backroom. But other, a woman, will invite 47 coyly off-set for hanky-panky and then stab him to death in an outlandishly sexualised cut-scene. Another scantily-clad hitwoman appears in ‘You Better Watch Out…’, trying to tempt you into a private room. “Men are so easy,” she tuts if she succeeds. “Shame to waste such a nice hunk of meat.” These aren’t just killers who use sex, but sexual killers, women driven by murderous libido. Blood Money inherits from the Christian tradition a fundamental misogyny which says women are either scheming temptresses or obliviously wanton; in either case they are to be punished.

In a canonical playthrough, however, 47 will never be tempted. Unlike his enemies, he has no personality and therefore no vices; designed to be anonymous, distinguishable only by his barcode, he is a blank human being (as long as you pretend that ‘white’ and ‘male’ are blank attributes). Moreover, his violence is simply violence, bought and paid for, existing only in the sexless realm of business. Their violence is obscene, sexual; like the shrieking assassin who cartwheels around like a gymnast and orgasms when she kills, they enjoy their victims. So a killer he may be, says the game, but he knows what he does, confesses his sins, and commits them without self-deception or corruption or abandon. He is not like his targets. Of all hell’s denizens, he, at least, is pure.


We can imagine him getting off on his own purity, big hairless penis that he is, furiously masturbating under his heavy suit as he fantasizes about the futile touch of a whore’s supple hand on that hard, uncaring shoulder. I work alone, he will say, tweaking his nipple through his spotless shirt.

Jesus Christ.

Great article though.

It’s a trend that’ll continue if Absolution and the HD Trilogy are anything to go by. I remember they added visible nipples to female character textures in Contracts for no discernable reason, and the levels of sexually explicit content in the games only seems to increase with every sequel/remake the series sees. I do think it helps establish 47’s character in that he always ignores it.

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Hahahahahah what the fuck was that?

It’s from the article above that Quinn linked.

Not when I’m controlling him he’s not