Hitman as a rejection of modern game design


Right on the mark.

Other evidence of the uniqueness of Hitman: Find another video game where the developers encourage and appreciate that veteran players attempt to “break the game”, using the existing systems in ways that were not designed by the developers.

According to IO interactive, the escalation and feature contracts were implemented based on the observations that players were developing their own special challenges in Blood Money.

Hitman might not have the numbers of players of a battle royale or FPS or loot shooter, but it appears to be quite unique in having a dedicated core of veteran players who contribute to the fine-tuning and building content for the game.


One thing interesting thing about hitman when compared to a lot of game out there : You actually have no “permanent” choice.
You have two types of game :

  • The one where it’s an adventure and you have several path in the map. Because the adventure might take you several weeks or month to finish, you will probably forget about that other path you could have took and you end up missing on important upgrade or funny stuff.

  • The other type would be those with skills. You always have to choose where you will spend your skill points, and in doing so, you might never be able to enjoy the other skills.

In both situation, you either gonna have to roll out several session in order to be able to enjoy all of the feature or you gonna miss out on half of the game … you are so restricted in the start of a game session, why would you ever want to go back in a time where you had no money, no weapon, no life, and no skills?!

With Hitman, you aint gonna miss on anything because the only choice you gonna have to do, is what you wanna use for this specific mission. And since we will go back several time in every mission, you don’t have to be worried about “Will i be stuck in 10 hours because i didn’t take that thing?”


I’m glad you shared dlibutti’s opinion on the game. I really sympathise with his words and hope for release S3 next year :slight_smile:HITMAN is great game - not without flaws, but nevertheless great playgroud with warm, intelligent community and great devs that respond even to fix problems that small group have with their game.