Hitman as an escape?


Do you find Hitman as an escape from life?

  • Yes
  • No

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No. Hitman is my life.



I play games a lot for the escapism aspect but it’s not like I want to vanish from life. It is more like being engrossed in the atmosphere and simply being stimulated by that!


I don’t use it as an escape from life, but it is useful as a coping strategy for a bad mental health night (I suffer from hallucinations occasionally). Because the levels can be approached in a very strategic way to get silent assassin (either suit only or otherwise), they’re a good focus and distraction away from more distressing symptoms.


It’s an interesting question. I’ve given it some thought and I honestly don’t think it’s an escape from life. I’m in a generally good place, no big issues, I’m healthy, the job has got me covered on the financial security front, my girlfriend has got me covered on another very important front, I have a good good relation with my healthy parents and family in general. Don’t have too many friends but I don’t consider that a big problem, which is probably one of the reasons why I don’t. In short: there’s nothing to escape from.

What I do have difficulties with is to find stuff I’m “passionate” about, especially in the here and now. I wouldn’t call myself particularly devoted to my job for instance, though it deals with topics such as climate change that I find very interesting. It’s just that I’m often dissappointed with the boring way many seemingly interesting stuff are approached. Reality has a knack for turning something potentially interesting into something tedious.

More often than not I find my passion in entertainment and fiction. Partially because it’s easy to get into, no doubt. I’m also a very nostalgic person. Dr. Lafayette might call it escapism to childhood, but I would vehemently disagree, for the reasons stated above. Both nostalgia and this draw to entertainment doubtlessly brought me back to Hitman, after earlier passions such as reading books and reviewing them, retro console gaming, Pokemon go, old TV shows, anything Jurassic Park, the Belgian soccer league. So currently it’s Hitman, including both the old games as the new games. This passion now also includes Hitmanforum, where it was again nostalgia that brought me back. This place also helps to further immerse myself into the “material”.

What you might have surmised from the above is that my so-called passions are often quite temporary and come in waves. I think that is the downside of the entertainment stuff that is easy to get into: I find myself easily stepping out of it too. My currently inactive Goodreads account, in the past good for one review a week, is a testament to that. My approximately ten year absence from this forum as well. Chances are that I might disappear again when this current phase passes, but chances are just as high that I’m coming back afterwards. Hitman has been a fairly constant source of fascination for me you see.

So yeah, Hitman is not an escape from life, but it does offer me something that I apparently can’t find in life. I think I need Dr. Lafayette to figure out what exactly that is, though.


Who is that Clown? i prefer Dr. Kovacs.


While clearly superior, I think dr. Kovacs specializes in more extreme cases of insanity and would not make time for my pretty mundane problems.

Also, I dread needles.


I’m a Hitman in my day job.

So no.


I guess it’s good to stay in shape by training in a simulation :joy: :joy:


you can’t escape life


I said yes cause I’m on christmas break from college… haha I would love to work at ioi through. being an artist there would be a thrill and stressful haha


I hear you. I suffer from clinical depression, insomnia and some other mental health issues. Hitman is really good to distract your mind. What also helps me when I’m on out of the house is hitman go. Believe it or not, normally I don’t have games on my phone, but hitman go is a great puzzle game which can really challenge you.


I’ve not tried Hitman Go for on the move, but I’ll definitely try that the next time I need a distraction when I’m out and about.

Thanks for the tip, and I hope your mental health issues remain manageable. :slight_smile:


I bought it 2 days ago. It is only 1€ and totally worht it!


Not only as a escape, because gaming is also my biggest hobby, yesterday I did SA/SO in the mission Three Headed Serpent in Hitman 2 before I played Gran Turismo Sport for a while and today I have played RDR 2 most of the evening, going after all or almost all (can’t access New Austin yet, so those bones have to wait) dinosaur bones today and two treasure hunts and more :smiley:.