Hitman as TV Series


We all know that on friday (August 21, 2015) the new movie is coming out and is much more action based than most fans will like so what I want to see is a TV Series based on the franchise instead.

I posted about this in the movie thread but I think it deserves it’s own thread.

What I propose is a TV Series that will be ~45 mins that either will see Diana send 47 out on different missions every other week, I would prefer that each mission would last at least 2 to 3 episodes so they won’t turn into fast paced action episodes.

We would follow both 47 and Diana in their lives and just not 47 arriving at a location to do his mission, I want it to be more thorough and complex and let us see how it works at ICA, when they get missions from the client and how Diana does her work and lives etc.

We would also follow 47 when he prepares for each mission, scouting the location and getting information from other employees at ICA.

If done right and properly by people who actually have played the games (and just not Absolution) it could be a smash hit.

The cast is of course very important to make it work and I want to see Mads Mikkelsen as 47 and Natalie Dormer as Diana.

But both Gillian Anderson and Camilla Luddington would work as Diana as well imho.


But what about the plot?


I’d only ever hear the voice of Lara Croft lol

In all seriousness though, I don’t see it working as a tv series. I think Hitman is better suited to a movie, but a proper stealth/suspense thriller rather than the action adventure crap that this new one is sure to be.

The reason I don’t think a TV series would really work is because in order to properly portray 47, he does have to be alone for the majority of the time, making it difficult to grow the TV show. Perhaps if, instead, the focus was put onto the ICA instead of focusing on 47 and his life. Then it could draw inspiration from shows such as Alias – before that show got really weird.


The only way I would watch this show, is if it were done by a British TV co. mini series I’m in the U.S., and there is absoluteley ZERO quality in U.S. TV shows. It’s all dumbed down nonsense, here. It seems British TV has always been higher quality, better acted, respectful of audience’s intelligence, better written, etc. This sounds like a chance for David Bateson to really shine.


I think Hitman would work better as a TV-show, but the problem i see is that 47 character has to evolve a lot through the show. Even more then he have done through the game, i think it should be done as a mini series instead of a regular show. Something a long the lines of Sherlock, 1 hour 30 min episodes and then leave it a 3-5 episodes.


That’s why I thought it wouldn’t work too – but doing it in a similar vein to Sherlock is interesting. I much prefer the idea of a mini-series actually.


the problem I have with seeing 47 in film or on tv is that it will take away the air of mystique he has. Just about anything from having him interact with people, to grow as a character, to make mistakes etc etc would all end up overdoing it and spoiling the character.

The only way I see it as working (speaking as a fan of the series) is if was limited in dialogue… and was suspenseful rather than action based, as eeefaa just posted

imagine a hitman movie along the lines of the day of the jackal though, holy shit


How about they stick to games only?


Well they do, however FOX own the movie rights. If Square-Enix want’s them to stop creating more movies, they would have to buy the rights. To be honest i’m pretty sure that both IO and Square is happy about Hitman movies being mad, it will only benefit them.


The mini series concept like Sherlock is an interesting take actually.

Each season with 3-4 episodes could be one big and difficult mission and we follow the people at ICA, Diana and 47 from the beginning, starting with the client and his background and why he has ordered the hit, following ICA accepting it and Diana preparing the mission with gathering information about the target with other agents from the agency till 47 is deployed and does the mission with help and new information from Diana (as we have seen in the Alpha).


Absolutely not! Unless its brutal like the animated Spawn series. Who ever saw an episode? It was on HBO a very very long time ago after midnight only


I love this idea! In fact, a friend and I were discussing the Hitman series a few months back and we came to the conclusion that Hitman would be well-suited for the serial, small-screen treatment (and that, if done right, they would be much better than the two movies so far).

The way I see it, each episode would be a new mission/assignment. While 47 is off on his assignment, the world continues to spin, so Diana, the ICA as a whole, rival assassins, and other characters that may be featured would have over-arching story arcs that continue throughout the season.

Regarding some concerns about character growth, there are mechanisms to accomodate for that. For example, 47 could have a voiceover, which would help drive and focus the drama when 47 is alone.

In reality, I’m dubious that a TV series would do the games justice of hold their own flame as an independent candle, much in the same way that the movies are generic action flicks with (presumably) little-to-no redeeming value.


Hitman would work MUCH better as a TV series instead of movies. In a film they basically require a generic flashy blockbuster to make it worth the investment, as they need to make the money back, and because there’s not enough time to do anything with a good story and a stealthy approach while mantaining it interesting to the big crowd. In a series they could take their time through the story of each character, and make each hit unique without it needing to be action oriented too.

Hitman has a lot of story and detail, so they’d probably rush some things, but still, it would probably be much better than the hollywood atempts at using the IP. In the end i don’t think it has a chance of happening, though, but it’s ok to dream.


I say let’s get it over with it already! and do the Hitman Vs. Metal Gear/Splinter Cell/Donkey Kong. It should be along the lines of Freddy Vs. Jason, all out mindless action in Tokyo. See i would rather watch that then more of the same bad skipwoods movies we have gotten so far.


I agree 100 zillion percent with this.

No need for movies or tv shows. The games itself is just fine as far as I’m concerned.


I think, Tv series like netfilx or something, would be awsome. Each one, 1 contract, prepare, execute and done. Some backstory, something like that and some little connecting story between each part.


What kind of nonsense is this? I’m in Canada, so I don’t take any offense to it, but I find it ridiculous when some of the best shows are from the US. Hannibal. Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot are three of the best tv shows in recent memories. The Wire, The Sopranos and Band of Brothers (the only one being American/british) are also among the best ever.

Your opinion on the subject seems to be lacking any sort of actual knowledge of it.


Agents of I.C.A. lol it could work, who knows. But a TV Series of 13 episodes produced by Netflix, about some contracts during a major story arc, might be great.


I agree with a TV Series, what I think what will b good 4 the story 2 b more indepth is have little moments in an episode that will flashback with 47’s childhood memories, showing ‘The Five Father’s’, his training, his first kill, etc… Speaking of ‘The Five Father’s’ they could make Season 1 about 47 going after ‘The Five Father’s’ as well as having little contracts in between. What’chu think?


Instead of a TV series, which’ll be risky and expensive – get Telltale to adapt it into an episodic, story-based game.