Hitman at GAMESCOM 2016

I think everyone has forgotten about this year’s Gamescom. Hitman is there!

Here’s the first interview:

Another one:


Some Bangkok footage:


On the Twitch video with the huge fan of Hitman,at the end Torben is talking about an unlock that fans are waiting for a while that is coming on the next levels : briefcase ? :slight_smile:


I think he meant brown coin. :smile:


I’ll try not to get my hopes up and will assume it’s the binoculars. :wink:

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If and I say if its the briefcase it will probably be the lvl 20 unlock on the japan (last) map…

I think he may be eluding to that very thing. But also could be multi zoom silenced sniper. Tough to say.

Anyone interested in seeing the conversation in context, it’s in video 2, literally the last 15 seconds or so.

And thanks for sharing @Bielak812

He said in the IGN interview that he has already tried “Japan” level.

This means that all the remaining levels are already made and they’re improving them atm…

About the briefcase: i think they wanted to implement it at the very beginning but for buggy and time reasons they were unable to do it like planned :confused:

I guess we’ll get a briefcase update after the final level of this season…


Ugh, I’m right in front of the Hitman both, sadly I cannot go in :disappointed:


Noooooooo! You should see if you can get a picture of yourself with one or more IO guys like Torben and Travis. Then you can post it on the ol mugshot thread here.

Unfortunately I did not make it. Seemed like there was absolutely no guy from IO there. Or I just couldn’t tell:


Are there any more interviews available?