Hitman Audio Converter

I got that first part (Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to figure out which ones were the menu musics over at the other thread)

I was hoping there was a WWEM editor rather than a converter, as there seems to be specific information encoded in the WWEMs in relation to when and how to loop etc that is lost during conversion to OGG :frowning:
Though I haven’t 100% verified by trying to convert it back to WWEM and seeing what happens in game

Thank you for the second half of your answer; haven’t gone through it yet but I’m sure it explains everything I need to convert it back! :slight_smile:

@AdminSR1 The link for 2.4 doesn’t work. 404 error.

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Awesome tool dude thanks! :+1:


Reupload: https://github.com/AdminSR1/Hitman-Audio-Converter

I made this when I was a crappy programmer so I can not ensure that it is stable or anything lol, that’s why I have not updated the link in so long, I may make a remastered C# version at some point but I have other priorities at the moment


I understand entirely. If you ever do find the time or will to work on this again, the effort will be greatly appreciated by more than just myself I’m sure, but you’ve got to handle your other business first. Thank you for reuploading the latest version.

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Anyone else having trouble downloading 2.4 on the new link?

Chrome (on Windows) refuses to download it, claiming “virus detected”.

After downloading it on MacOS, VirusTotal says 15/59 engines detect something, although most of them don’t go into detail.

Is it just detecting something wrong?
I don’t think it’s a virus but I’m curious as to why Windows/Chrome doesn’t like the file.

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As I said in the other post I was a very bad programmer back then, and I used a batch to .exe converter. I have done extensive testing and it is safe but it gets detected on a lot of occasions…

I have an idea give me a sec

Okay, try the one marked batch version and see if it gives the same response, since it is in .bat format all of the code is now open source!


That did the trick.

Thanks so much!

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