Hitman Blood Money beta

Anyone got more info? I just got this video from Youtube and it might it might be interesting to look.

Anyway thanks for Jackhead ASG for this video !


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Well, I wrote to him, tried to discuss some points that could be useful for our HBM4A project, but he only sent a channel to his twitch and said that he would shoot videos about this version.
But looking at his profile, the forum where he got this version, here’s what I understood:
This lucky guy bought a disc for ps2, which is a fairly early version of the game (0.50), including a Debug menu, several working levels, an early UI and some animations. The Disk itself was only in Eidos (I cannot find the screen of the disk, but I can search if necessary). He does not want to distribute the game, which is understandable, so I simply advise him to write, so that he often makes videos about game, maybe there are still things that have not reached the release.

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