Hitman C47 Rebirth mod

Hello to all loyal Hitman fans, I want to share my project with you. Here a test level for U’wa Tribe mission:

New working download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yr716o079zyn709/C4_1.zip?dl=0

If you interested in roguelikes, Age of Wonders 3, Alekhine’s Gun, Master of Orion 2, then you can ask me for mods.

Copy and replace you C4_1.zip file inside C4_ColombianRainForest folder.
You must have enableconsole 1 option activated in your .ini settings file.
Open console in the game and pretype “reloadscripts”.
For levels with cutscenes you must be fast to activate this command during cutscene. On every non-cutscene level use it in beggining of the level. For levels 1 and 5 helicopter guard position set during cutscenes and resets after activating “reloadscripts” without reseting helicopter position, so you must be fast or you will see missplaced guard, which looks bad.


  • Default “Jungle” suit get your cover blown.
  • Officers only allowed carry AK-103, soldiers only AK-47.
  • Relaxed vis range changed to 20, which enough to spot you stealing sniper rifle, but dont blow you cower from using wrong weapon from incredly long distance (this was set to 10 in Hitman 2 SA)
  • All animations for talking soldiers fixed. Now they talk or staying on guard looking in opposite directions. No more turning in one place.
  • Increased patroling soldiers distance and restored proper “Lose in the lines” script. Officer now going to check missing soldier place before continuing his defined path.
  • You cant rush to idol. Soldiers will secure plane very fast. You can stealth your way to idol by sneaking on officer, killing him, taking his uniform and hiding his body inside of plane.
  • All soldiers on bridge react to every possible distraction. Bridge guard no more stuck in one place. Accuracy and range of all bridge soldiers, tower soldiers and wing soldier increased. Wing soldier stays in one place no matter what.
  • Bridge guard using modified script of native bridge guard. He gives you only one warning when you approaching bridge. He point AK on you when you in range and give you 10 seconds to leave. He use hand animation too. If you dont leave bridge after 10 seconds or reenter it again in any uniform — you will be shot at.
  • (possible balance breaking change for SA rating, not currently implemented) It is possible to change ChiefBrother sound reaction type to 6. If he affected by distraction shot, then he will run away after 3 seconds passed to simulate escape.
  • I cant restore helicopter cutscenes, because they was cut from final version.
  • I cant make helicopter guy to spot you, because he have default 50 visRange, despite stated extended heli range. He has AlarmVis extended, but regular one impossible to change, which is unfortunate. I will try to use ledge natives scripts for Alarm start for him.

If you interested in this project, then I have way more content to come. There is a lot of unused scripts, cutscenes, and commented out basic behaviour functions, animations, etc.

I have a lot of info on Hitman SA and Hitman Contracts engines, since they recycle Codename 47 one, if you interested. Like vision ranges, vision speed, alarm range, sound ranges, non-lit areas vision ranges for different poses, etc.
If someone interested, I can make educated review of first 4 Hitman titles functionality and level designs (spend more than 3000 hours on every game before Blood Money).


my body is prepared for this

Great job dude it really sounds interesting. I’ll give this mod a try whenever I get back to play c47.

Also can you give me instructions to run this game at custom resolutions? Like telling me what to change in the game files with hex editing?

Same story with contracts and Hitman 2

Dont wan’t to be offensive here, but please learn to google, 2017 already. To change your game resolution no hex editing required. For Hitman 1 and 2 there are config files exist, for Hitman Contracts — mod, for Hitman Blood Money — Realism mod with texture replacements.

i have all levels modded, but I uploaded fix for most broken one to see if any interest exist for this game. So far only 9 downloads…

Google says change your ini file which is like ancient history and doesn’t work that well.

You shouldn’t assume I haven’t googled already.

Someone in the old forum gave hex values to change resolutions to certain resolutions but not for the ones I wanted.

@Thales_Kruger @Kcuts_Titogi check this out! :open_mouth:

This thread has been derailed too fast. Following suggestions is easiest to perform, and showing stability and best results:

There is working guide for you, supplemented with best cfg and Draw Distance Mod for C47: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=63986712, or alternative: http://www.pcgamer.com/pixel-boost-hitman-codename-47-at-4k/?ns_campaign=article-feed

Be careful with that one. While it seems innocent, even on the best computers it will TANK your FPS. Even on the more simplistic levels like Kowloon Triads, or Lee Hong Assassination, your FPS WILL tank.

Trust me when I say that IO made this fog-type draw distance for a reason.

EDIT: Also, never use it on the Jungle levels. Never.

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This is so cool! Could you do some more levels? How much can you change the game?

Hey, guys, I continued to work on my mod. Currently I updated first three levels. I enhanced all scripts, redefined many values to make gameplay more challenging, restored all cut dialog (subtitles are not ready yet, I need more time), implemented disguise systems and new zones reactions based on disguises and distance. I will upload a link if someone will display the slightest hint of interest to this project.


Sorry for double post. Here’s a new download link for first 3 levels: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2plhu8t70ictuz0/Hitman%20Rebirth%20v0.1.rar?dl=0
Old link for level 5 is still active: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yr716o079zyn709/C4_1.zip?dl=0


I’m not sure if you could do this, but a Codename 47 widescreen fix would be amazing. I know you can force it widescreen. But it makes the text too small and messes up fov.