Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


This is kind of the right representation. I mean if you look at it.
This is exactly What happened with Jesper Kyd. IOI made him sat comfortably in the Chair and Then they blew him up sky high out of the Hitman Series.


IO-Interactive: Okay, Mr. Kyd. Step in the cockpit, please…"


Haha exactly! Real shame they got rid of him, Kyd’s music was crucial to setting the unique atmosphere and tone of those earlier Hitman entries.


Except they didn’t, you know…fucking horribly murder him!



Not a Hitman main character but a dead NPC, but the Motorcycle disguise from Hokkaido morgue is a deadset dead ringer of the suit from Kill Bill Volume 1 (Ninja sword and everything!)


He also reminds me of David Aames from Vanilla Sky.


Probably not intentional, but Manuel Delgado
(to me, anyway) really resembles James Carpinello. Aka: “Bobby Saint” from the film “The Punisher”


I hope in the next season will be Others target inspired by movie characters and bonus missions like Holiday Hoarders (it was funny). Maybe a Halloween themed bonus mission where to kill a strange character inspired by horror movies.


“Remember me…?”



Yes but he has nothing to do with Michael Myers. He has only the mask of him. He isn’t a demoniac killer, but an ex Mossad agent. I intend a character inspired not only by the look. You can think to the thieves of Holiday Hoarders to understand what I mean.


Hahaha I knew what you were getting at, I was just ‘giving you da business’ :rofl::joy:

But seriously yeah, I would agree. I’d definitely like for more future targets like that as well.


That might be a fun bonus mission. “47, there’s a murderer on the loose and we’ve been paid to stop him. Save our client’s relative and eliminate the murderer.” A nice call back to meat king’s party and maybe have a target that fights back.


If you believe Jesper Kyd, he says they simply didn’t call him back.


Better than being launched to your death in an ejection malfunction.


I can see a resemblance between actor Peter Stornmare and the Shadow Client. Maybe not facial features so much, but the stubble, hairline, and distant eyes are really similar in my opinion.


I saw him recently on an episode of CSI and thought the same exact thing! They do look a lot alike.


Call me crazy, but I think the SC looks a little like that hunter dude from “Jumanji” LMAO
Just with blonde hair😆


Sean Rose is a reproduction of Sean Miller, another terrorist (IRA) from Patriot Games (1992)


And @Rieper1
I think its him :smile:
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