Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


Somebody photoshop the DeNiro mole on his cheek!


Lmao at this whole comment :joy: It would have been fun to hear him say “I’ll eat ya baby!”


Definitely! I forgot about him. Danny Trejo is only about my height,but they pumped him up to monster status in Absolution.


Michael Myers and Ezra Berg


Definitely… I wonder if Michael Myers would be as soft spoken as Ezra Berg if he ever talked…


Viktor Novikov reminds me of Albert Wesker for some reason.


As in Holiday Hoarders, others targets inpired to movied characters would be fun. For example reservoir dogs, Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction, Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket, Corleone’s family.
Maybe for an Halloween theme mission we could have a target inspired to horror movies


The target could be that cheerleader who burned a homeless person, blamed her rival and got away thanks to Ken Morgan. The unlockable outfit for completing a challenge would be a red-green sweater and a fedora. :wink:


Skurky from Absolution was based on Harvey Keitel from Bad Lieutenant, according to the full disclosure app.


I’ve always thought to her as a possible future target. It could be a funny one. A target living a normal life after that crime, so a civilian. But the client (some relatives of the homeless or the rival wrongly arrested) knows her secret. And 47 too.
P.S. A lot of time ago, before Absolution, developers thought to a homeless 47 (but that concept was abandoned). Maybe It could be a funny easter egg. 47, dressed as homeless, kills the cheerleader. There is also an horror movie with a similar plot (I Know What You Did Last Summer)


Kalvin Ritter looks like Joseph Kony.


Adalrico Candelaria looks like Sal Tessio.


I’ll have to check out Absolution again. Those crying fits that Harvey Keitel would throw in Bad Lieutenant were hilarious. I wish they would have put that in the game!


Lorne De Havilland from BM is obviously a nod to Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner

Not an actual ‘target’ but “Scoop” also from BM, really resembles the rapper ‘Snoop Dogg’ and is most likely based off him, I’m sure.


Richard J. Magee (Guru) looks like a mix of J.K. Simmons, Ed Harris, and Peter Weller.


Smythe (The Sensation) looks a little like Jesse Eisenberg.


Don Fernando Delgado is Pablo Escobar mixed with Vito Corleone.
Surprised nobody mentioned this one yet, but Hendrik Schmutz looks like a blond Hitler.


Albert Fournier looks like John Ventimiglia.


Oh yes! Forgot him lol
I actually always thought that about Hendrik Schmutz :smile:


IMO (The Gunrunner) looks a lot like Zachary Quinto


(The Forger) looks like Shia LaBeouf