Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


@AGENT4T7 and @Sean_OMalley you guys are great! Awesome finds :grinning:


Thanks lol
oddly, I can’t think of any more though. Although I’m sure there are plenty others. I’ll post some if any more come to mind.


i am sure marco abiatti was based off trump… not by appearance, but other things.

-both are right wing populists and politicians
-both are wealthy businessmen
-both are totally insufferable


Yeah, now that you mention it, I totally can see that. Especially when he made his speech on the stage… Wow… :grin:

EDIT: Also, the guy in Bangkok.
“I’m gonna make my country great again” blah, blah.
Lol totally Trump!


Haven’t had a chance to play Landslide yet, but when I do, I will make sure to listen to all his lines! :joy:


It’s always fun to happen upon one randomly while watching a movie etc. :grinning:


20 movie characters


The Conressman (Anthony Troutt) resembles Tom Hagen.


Alot of characters from absolution look like celebs to me. :sweat_smile:


The Icon takes some inspiration from the Turboman character from JINGLE ALL THE WAY


Is it me, or does Odon Kovacs look like Jack Nicholson, without the glasses and funny mustache?? :joy:


Count Olaf? :smile:


It’s just you.

Lol joking i see what you mean :grin:


Haha nah, now that @Bielak812 has posted that guy, Kovacs actually looks a lot more like him than Nicholson lmao :laughing:


I feel like Travis from the ICA looks like Nick Offerman and Cosmo Faulkner looks like Samuel L Jackson


Yes he does! Great GIF by the way😂


Yes, another good one. Just throw these on him :eyeglasses: And we’re good to go lol


Good finds! I really need to replay Absolution sometime soon.


Dom Osmond also looks like someone but I can’t remember who :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Hollywood wise, I can’t place him either, but he always did remind me of Giuseppe Giuliani reincarnated.