Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


He kinda reminds me of “Mean” Gene Okerlund… a bit… ish. Lol.


I can see that… (in Hulk Hogan voice) “Well let me tell you somethin’ Mean Gene…” I used to want to be a WWF wrestler when I was a kid. Lol


“The Broker” really resembles Wallace Shawn in this photo :laughing: (IMO anyway)


And Sean Rose really looks like Eminem :joy:
Same jawline and chin dimple. Hell, even the ears!!


Man, even the bridge of his nose is spot on!


I know! Lol it’s gotta be based off him :smile:


Dalia Margolis and “Jinx” Halle Berry

I made the connection at my suits/Bond thread but come on, it’s virtually the same suit.
Bond and 47


Cosmo looks more like Uncle Ben to me.


I always thought of Dalia as being Mediterranean looking, but I can totally see what you are saying. Can’t believe that I had never made that connection . BTW, I appreciate the pic you originally posted of Halle Berry too… yee haw! :wink:


RIght, swapped it back again. I only recently made that connection when I was seeing Dalia up close in the auction.


Helen Mirren as Etta Davis


[quote=“Dorian, post:71, topic:14434, full:true”]
Helen Mirren as Etta Davis

[/quote]Etta Davis and Hilary Clinton


Can’t believe I almost forgot Vinie Sinestro.
He was clearly based on Henry Hill From the end of goodfellas.


This guy looks like Joseph Clarence. I happened upon his pic by accident and don’t remember what movie or show he is from.

Birdie reminds me of Benjamin Bratt.


I guess I’m cheating since this is more of a scene. But three final level in contracts reminds me of the final shootout in The Professional.


Not cheating at all… everything you think is similar to or may have inspired aspects or characters from Hitman games counts. Good example by the way. :grinning:


Well in that case…

This mission from Codename 47 was definitely a reference to this scene in “The Godfather.”

SKIP TO (5:00)


You’re absolutely right. I love that mission (and the movie too).


Don’t know if this one was mentioned yet, but a very likely reference to Charlie’s Angels. Not to mention his name is also, Charlie :laughing:


This hasn’t been mentioned yet, at least not in this thread. Damn! I used to watch that show and I didn’t even make the connection. Excellent one! :clap: