Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


:joy: Yes! Of course! "I need to use the bathroom!"
The Godfather movies are still awesome even by today’s standards IMO.


Haha David Bateson also seems to enjoy The Godfather as well :smile:


Oh man, I have got to hear the audio on that. Searching for it right now.


Good luck!
Let me know if you find it, I searched too but no luck. Just found the picture…


No luck so far. If I do come across it, it’s getting posted. :grinning:


I’ll keep an eye out for it.


insert random celebrity and hitman target who both coincidentally look the same YUP THAT TARGET IS INSPIRED BY THIS CELEBRITY.

jk lol


It’s interesting to see what folks are coming up with.


Hey, my posts were top notch so far! :joy:


Absolutely! The Charlie’s Angels one just about killed me. I make fun of myself constantly for missing some of the most obvious, in your face stuff. Hopefully my density isn’t a prelude to Alzheimer’s.




Not a movie character, but my first thought on Viktor Novikov was that he looks a lot like former Formula One driver Mika Hakkinen.


@TheMaltesian @AGENT4T7
I know where all of those videos are… But are you sure you wana see them?
There are alot of videos of Vivienne McKee and David Bateson together with their work in theater.


Of course I’d wanna see them @KrugerSchmidts its David freakin’ Bateson! Lol

I’ve seen some videos on the FB page and some on YouTube but that’s about it. Couldn’t find The Godfather one.


Get ready for Cringe. I already warned you. SO…
Just remember another Hitman Fan fiction could be made using these voices:

This is the Channel:


Here is a video of them doing some voicework:

@introvert_ Next 3 videos can be used in one of the Fan fiction videos:

Just dont Imagine 47 and Diana, Imagine Vivvine and David instead.


Damn Vivienne McKee IS Diana.

Shame that her voice isn’t bombastic enough for the latest Hitman. /s


The top picture especially looks like Novikov.


Thank you for posting these videos!


Lol good stuff! Don Calzone sounds like 47 with a stuffy nose. :joy:


Yes, thank you very much for posting these. Haha but come on, they weren’t that bad :laughing:

I actually really liked The Godfather one.

Vivvine: “Be my friend.”

David: “I don’t do Facebook.”