Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


Haha I saw you said it in that thread, that’s what made me bring it up :sweat_smile:

But to be honest, I’ve thought the same thing before I even seen your post, just slipped my mind until then Lol

But yeah I agree, he is most likely a reference to him.


Norman Bates! One of my favorite movie creeps. “Norman…Norman is that you? NORMAN ANSWER ME!”



Gotta love good old mommy dearest!


Anytime you strangle someone.


Probably not intended by the developers, but IMO, Ken Morgan looks a lot like Danny Devito :laughing:


Wade is a parody of David Carradine. Even his death was ridiculed by alluding to the real death of DK while the actor was jerking off.


I never made the connection before, but your post here is enough to make me into a believer. Good find!


Actually Blake Dexter was supposed to be played by David Carradine. After his death they got his brother as a replacement.
Not saying you’re wrong but it would be extremely disrespectful if that’s what they intended.



Another one;
and idk, maybe I’m alone on this one, but Reza kind of looks like Mel Gibson in this particular photo

Again, I doubt that was their intention, but to me anyway, I can see it a little bit.


:joy: I can just hear Reza randomly yelling “Give me back my son!!!” (Ransome)


It is exactly what they intended. Otherwise they would not create this death squad with “black mamba” at the head.


Dr. Ortmeyer reminds me of Van Helsing from the first Dracula movie


Tzun looks like a Chinese Fat Bastard.


For some reason, John LeBlanc reminds me of James Gandolfini.


Carmine DeSalvo, from Blood Money really reminds me of Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory :laughing:


You should be able to wait in the office while he stands outside the doodle continuously knocking “Doc” knock knock knock “Doc” knock knock knock “Doc” knock knock knock "Doc"


That would be hilarious dude!! :joy:


Pertti Järnefelt totally looks like Leslie Nielsen!


Lol yes he does!


Sturrock probably drew some inspiration from Fat Bastard. (huge scottish guy on a bed eating chicken)