Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


Yeah, too bad he doesn’t say “Chickens… get in mah belly!”


Yuki Yamazaki as Tao Okamoto (Mercy Graves from BvS)


they should have had him eating a baby


Big time! Nice find.


They were halfway there with the young girl. I would have liked to have more options to kill the meat king.


Apologies if it’s been mentioned before but Dino Bosco and The Icon might be based on Robert Downey JR And Iron Man. Downey’s career was in a slump before gaining back his fame with his role as Tony Stark In Iron Man.


I haven’t seen this here before. Jordan and Jared Leto have some resemblances.


looks a bit like Jack Nicholson to me, “you can’t handle the truth”


Elvis Presley, and Silvio Dante from ‘The Sopranos’.




The Paparazzo reminds me of Adrien Brody. Excuse the bad crop jobs…


For some reason he reminded me of Tcheky Karyo as Defence Minister Dimitri Mishkin from GoldenEye.


Leaked footage of Agent 47 disguised as Miku Hatsune moments after Silvio’s Death. :smirk:


Idk who Miku is, but that is hilarious :laughing:
Looks just like Silvio.


Just imagining an stern looking 47 in that costume makes my day.


Haha! Awesome!


Jasper Knight surely pays homage to Jesper Kyd who created the awesome soundtracks for the earlier hitman games!


In what way does he look like him?


Is that a serious question? Long red hair, red beard, fair complexion, names virtually identical…


At first I just thought the name was a coincidence , but now after seeing Kyd for the first time I kind think this was intentional. Good find.