Hitman Codename 47 ALL UNUSED DIALOGUES + Letters + C47 One Liners


This is interesting no doubt.
But damm some of those lines are creepy af. Like that laugh. i mean i am just lost for words…

Thanks for the effort man. This is really something new and unheard of stuff.

More like the hilarious voice acting (so bad it’s so good)!
But the first speech of 47 is amazing. Those were the times were 47’s character was very well developed, thanks also to the great Bateson’s performance.

Too bad 47 doesn’t have some unique quotes like in SA and Contracts.

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I need to use the bathroom.
Nuf said.

“Too bad. I was looking for something to taking in out!”:grin:

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How did you set this in game files?
By the way do you see the clues to the original story of hc47? the right order of missions?

I wish devs wouldn’t disable “reloadscripts” in Hitman 2 Beta version and woudn’t encrypt script files, because I know the way to import sound files and locales for them. I wanted to shoot a vid on missing content from the other Hitman games, but no one going to watch it without voiceovers.


I told you that you were on the right track long time ago. Lot of models and voices were changed for characters, even C47 original concept art. Storyline was completely revamped and made more serious with a “mystery twist” ending added.

Also, almost all levels were considerably dumbed down. For example, you can find a lot of unreleased content and scrapped ideas for Lee Hong Assassination mission. There wasn’t C1_2 level originally and bomb was planned for C1_4. Also, there was a way to spike Lee Hong Soup with aphrodisiac and laxative. Madame should’ve listened for your conversation with Lei and report to guards, restaurant design was different and many more stuff.


lmao the voice acting and the NPC movement during the cut-scenes is hilarious :smiley:

nice to see a man who delves deep in the story of hc47. However i dont remember anyone who has the same view on the story as me. By the way, saying i was on the right track, what do you mean by that. Do you have something else regarding the story especially saing a “mystery twist” ending added?
Would be glad to hear your point of view on the development of hc47.

Here’s your appetizer:

A lot of sound files from my video were recorded during the first stages of the development cycle. Previous theory on unknown actor recording “macho pig” line doing all of these is not true, because this actor only recorded NPC’s phrases and “macho pig” is one of them. There was “2nd” voice actor that was recording lines for original C47 character like Mission 5_2 responses. That’s one of the reasons why levels 4_3, 5_2 and 1_2 placed below credits in the game resources (you can hear second C47 voice actor in these levels). I will post a lot more info if someone will be interested.


Thats awesome :smiley: But could you add a sec or two pause between each onevat future videos?

I dont get what do you mean by saying macho pig but according to sound files which are available for extracting the former voice of 47 dubbed retorts to pablo, ort-meyer and some responses to npc. I dont know what former theory are you talking about?
By the way the audio files correlate with dialogs typed in one big file located in zip file with the name local (localization) or something.
The question still remains. Is it possible to turn these dialogs on during gameplay by setting ini or exe files?

Another thing you guys knew or did not knew. In the original timeline of Codename 47. Hitman was set in the events in 1993. 47 escaped the asylem in 1993. But the devs later changed the date to 1999 and added that date in the letters at a later stage.
1999 Or 1993


You are referring to the comic add. Through it away. It is bs.

No, open up the game and calculate the ages of the targets, from when they are born to their age. It adds upto around 1993-1995

The date 1993 is a comic shit.
1930 plus 65 is 1995.

You can hear this line here:

There was a theory that this line left from the previous Codename 47 voice actor. Actually this is NPC-NPC interaction and C47 shouldn’t say that. This is bellboy NPC voice.

I know about audio extractor tools and I think that these lines were dubbed before David Bateson came along during later stages.

Yes… How do you think I got them working in the game. What are you trying to say here?

Do you watched my video? You can assign this files to any npcs with Dialogue option. If you played my mod, then you noticed that I reassigned all dialogues for missions 1, 2 and 3.

Ok even if agreed its not 1993.
Then still the events take place around between the dates 1994-1999
So if we calculate the mission briefings a year later from the escape that still makes the original escape date to 1994. I only said 1993 cuz we have the original concept from ortmeyer files.

Event takes place in 1999. It is obvious if we take letters into account. However it is the devs mistake to know the year and say in the game “about 65”.