Hitman Codename 47 ALL UNUSED DIALOGUES + Letters + C47 One Liners

  1. yes i watched your video. 2 my question is how did you do it? 3. I did not play your mod, sorry.

I can elaborate on HC47 scripting if you really want. Too bad that “reloadscripts” works only in C47 and 2, 3 and 4 script files are encrypted. I can record video of Hitman 2, 3 and 4 unused audio files with hand made subtitles for them taken from .LOC (hexploring) files if someone shows interest in it, but I can’t implement them into the games like I did with HC47.

So you have certain knowledge of reloadscripts option of hc47. Excellent.
Dont waste your time trying to do what you want with hitman 234. Those who are interested in it will find a way to extract audio from these games.
When i did it i was surprised to hear cut russian dialogs from h2sa. They were unbelievably funny. I was able to expand my dirty russian vocabulary. :joy:

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That voice is so bad. It seems a boy in his 20’s.

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A very interesting thread indeed. I was gonna make a long in-depth video of unused audio of C47, but you beat me to it.

an ode to this masterpiece