Hitman: Codename 47 remastered Edition Request

I haven’t come across this topic yet, so if I am repeating something, please forgive me. Has IOI thought about making a remastered edition of C47? Like an anniversary edition(sorry Halo fan). I don’t mean like they did for the other game. I miss the old levels, & problem solving. It would also be interesting to see an HD graphic verson of 47 back then. I love all the Hitman games, but Codename 47 on PC will always be my favorite, until its available on Xbox.

Well, currently it looks like they are working on Hitman 6 and so won’t be remastering Codename 47. Also, I think a version with updated graphics would need to be careful about the aesthetics, as they could ruin the original feel of the levels. Also, there’s already Contracts, which while not a perfect remake, did remake quite a few levels from Codename 47, and didn’t do well in the market.

I think it’s very unlikely, but it’d be nice to see a good remake of Codename 47.

Remake? No.
HD Version for consoles? Yes.

it will be your the most hated one when you take the xbox gamepad.

C47 is still quite playable on PC (with some tweaks for compatibility) in “HD” resolutions. There’s no chance whatsoever it will ever end up on a console. That ship sailed well over a decade ago.

How about if a group of fans asked for permission to to SquareEnix to remake the game? They could probably raise funds with a kickstarter.

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Remaking a complex game from scratch in a new engine would take too much time, effort and skill for a fan project and Square Enix probably wouldn’t give permission anyway. They’ve shut down fan remakes of old games in the past.

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I don´t think its needed. I would rather go for " best of the best " levels. In new graphics for new game as an additional content :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think the problem with Contracts was exactly that, they tried to recreate C47 while also making it different. I would think Square Enix would go with the Kickstarter idea, have fans raise the money for a remade C47, that way they only put in the effort. It could go while they are making 6, giving it more then enough time to accumulate.

I don’t think they will. Square Enix have shut down many fan remakes and fan games in the past. Just look up the history of Chrono Trigger fan games and you’ll see. Also, do you think anyone would spend a lot of money to update the graphics of a game that won’t even be possibly played by many?

They can do a hitman redux. So its a redux of Hitman contracts except with out the flashbacks.

Hitman Contracts redux.

So it starts in the asylum.

  • slaying the dragon is the first mission.

  • Then the rest of the Chinese missions.

  • Then they can add the new/remade south American missions.

  • Rest of the contracts missions can be added but in chronological

  • Of course buying your kit and money will be added.

  • The last mission can be Asylum Aftermath.

Hitman Blood money redux,

  • The Meat King’s Party and Beldingford Manor are converted to blood
    money, as a added bonus and they are the first to missions.
  • Then Curtains down mission is the first Blood money mission.
  • Curtains down has a extended cut scene at the end where hitman is
    shot while leaving.
  • Hunter and Hunted is remade for blood money. With a extended cut
    scene of the agency doctor treating his wounds

I would love to see this. I’m going to unlock all the levels and try and play it in order.
Some one else can perfect my timeline if they want. Meet your brother ect needs to be added also.

off topic.
Now I realize how ugly 47 looked in c47. At least in the artworks.

You assume no one would play it. If Square Enix cared about their customers, they would remake it if their were enough requests.

And are there enough requests? I haven’t seen many people talk about a Codename 47 remake.

Lets start one, just to see.

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It would be absolutely amazing if someone just figure out some simple devkit, so that at least we could add skins and levels, even though it would work through console only