Hitman Codename 47 & Silent Assassin Remake

Pardon me, how the hell are you expecting to remake them if they’re not supposed change them from the very beginning?

He’s basically said “to match the style of H2016 & H2 graphics and gameplay mechanics”, so to say “it’s like to make a whole new game” is kinda a no brainer.

The title is “Hitman: Codename 47 & (Hitman 2:) Silent Assassin Remake”.

Just out of curiosity, how were you expecting a remake of the games to happen without remaking the games?

BECAUSE ARE COOL :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Can’t argue with that logic.

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Didnt he mean a new game?

At one condition, DUAL WIELDING and original weapons.

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I think I’ll just link this here…


Sure but those games already exist, you don’t need to start from zero.

As I said above, there is a lot of work, so IOI will not doing that.
That’s my point

It would’ve been a new game in any case

In terms of plot, story, characters yes, but in terms of all the rest it would be the very beginning

I though that after they kill of 47 wich they gonna most likely they could start remaking the older games

Why would they kill off 47?

Cause he is old and him dying of old age wohuld be lame

I doubt they’re killing off 47, probably a Max Payne 3 ending.

Do you think 47 will want to retire? He doesnt have any hobbies expect killing

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Gardening? That’s from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.


If our bald friend retire then, we have a big hole between BM and Absolution.

He also cares for birds as seen in BM.

Haven’t you noticed that 47’s age always fluctuates and we get the same person… just never the same man?

Have you tried watching all the 007 films? :wink:

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And at the end of that game he says that he wasnt made for a normal life and shit

And that bird is mainly there to detect poison gasses

And a rabbit (origin story).

Or was it a mouse/rat?

Just because he says he can’t have one doesn’t mean he can’t try.