Hitman Codename 47 & Silent Assassin Remake

Cause he is old and him dying of old age wohuld be lame

I doubt they’re killing off 47, probably a Max Payne 3 ending.

Do you think 47 will want to retire? He doesnt have any hobbies expect killing

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Gardening? That’s from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.


If our bald friend retire then, we have a big hole between BM and Absolution.

He also cares for birds as seen in BM.

Haven’t you noticed that 47’s age always fluctuates and we get the same person… just never the same man?

Have you tried watching all the 007 films? :wink:

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And at the end of that game he says that he wasnt made for a normal life and shit

And that bird is mainly there to detect poison gasses

And a rabbit (origin story).

Or was it a mouse/rat?

Just because he says he can’t have one doesn’t mean he can’t try.

I think it was a rabbit.

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I would love a remaster of the first three games for modern consoles kinda like the blood money and absolution collection but I don’t really care for a remake, waste of resources if you ask me

No, thanks, just port them and I’ll be satisfied.

I understand it’s not with the Glacier engine, but @YourGudBudNel is working on Hitman: Remake in Unreal Engine 4 which includes levels from C47, SA and Contracts (though not all). Might be worth the look, though Nel or his friends haven’t stated a firm release date.

Here’s the thread:


hey there! The team and I are working, but its still far from release. Here’s the latest dev diary, our main goal is to completely revamp the movement and combat mechanics, to make them feel more brutal and grounded in comparison to the OG version of the original trilogy.


Ive been checking this since a lot of time I love your project!

No, no, no. They would have to basically start from scratch and in my opinion, it just wouldn’t be worth it. Some things are best left to memory. I’d much rather enjoy the feeling of a nostalgic gaming memory than a recent gaming memory.

Gotta vote if your wallet and I’d pay for DLC campaigns. They could just release each game as a DLC campaign for HITMAN 2 and I’d be all over that. If enough of us are willing to pay for it, they’ll probably feel the urge to go for it!


I really think remaking these games would be a great idea, as much as I love these games they are extremely finicky. 47 just controls terribly, he slides everywhere, and sneaking up behind someone is near impossible a lot of the time. There’s like a 75% change they’ll just spin around and spot you either from hearing you or because you tried to sneak up on them and it to you 2 hours. Which makes it even worse when you finally do get a disguise and the guards spot you after two seconds of looking at you and you don’t know what to do differently because the game never tells you. Everything else about the games are great, story and level design is great, but the games can just be unplayable a lot of the time due to how finicky 47 and the NPCs are. Maybe I’m just too used to new Hitman but I think they could really benefit being remade with the modern controls and NPC AI.

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