Hitman Codename 47

Poll: If Square Enix decided to remake Hitman Codename 47 for Xbox/Playstation, who here would play it? Who here wants Square Enix to remake it? All thoughts & ideas are welcome.

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Still learning, how?

Here’s a guide, if you wondering about more options feel free to look for tips in the Discourse 101 thread

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List? Voting options? I new to forums in general, so I’m not familiar with all the jargon

I don’t know how to make it much more clear then that, to be honest.

Is this better?
Poll: Hitman Codename 47 remake.
Please post your thoughts as well.

Na not really, try and ask @Dev_Chand he’s been doing a lot of polls on this forum. He might be able to explain how.
And on the subject, no i don’t really care about a “remake”.

I’ll start up a poll myself. Hopefully that’ll get some talking.

No remakes, i fucking hate them! Remasters are welcome though.

Thank you all for the help. This is my first forum.

I wouldn’t really care, but I’d still take it home.

I need to use the bathroom.

Depends on the kind of remake and the price. If it’s just the same games but with better graphics I probably wouldn’t buy it. Too many outdate mechanics and levels that wouldn’t work anymore. However, if they also modernizes the levels, add more mechanics from the later Hitman games and changed the layout of the bad maps I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I’m still thinking about getting it, will I be disappointed?

If people are still unsure if to buy this masterpiece or not. You haven’t tasted the depth of agent 47 in its truest sense.
These are one of those iconic pieces of games that will remain timeless.
However If you haven’t played any games from the 90s or early 2000s id suggest you leave it and just watch a walk-though instead.

get it and describe me the story of this game.