Hitman complete first season digital ps4 problem


So hitman the complete first season its free for playstation plus this month but when i download it all it lets me play is the paris mission and the other missions say “get access” and i cant seem to play anything else. Already tried restoring licenses and all that


All locations must be downloaded manually except Paris

You can find all dlcs & downloadable packs in “your add-ons”

From ps4 menu
Library > purschased game> Hitman > scroll down to the last option “playstation store” but dont select it > to the right side of the screen you’ll “add-ons” > download every location manually.

You can also scroll down when you’re about to launch a game, scroll down but don’t select playstation store. Select “your add-ons”


Thanks bro, you’re my savior!


No worries. Enjoy m8

Remember that you can also download Legacy pack for free for Hitman 2. You’ll get access to all of Hitman 2016 locations in Hitman 2 because you own the full first season which is one of the requirement to redeem Legacy for Hitman 2.
You need to download Hitman 2 prologue if you dont have a purschased edition of Hitman 2 yet. You’ll be able to play all of season 1 and season 2 locations in Hitman 2.

You’ll find all info about it, what Legacy is and contains here



Nothing show not even at the store


Make sure it’s not the demo version you’vw installed

What happens when you select get access on a location? Try to search for the locations in the store.

If that doesn’t solve it, then delete and reinstall “the complete first season”


I took it directly from the plus promotion. When i select the locked map it errors as if there’s nothing at the store, which there isn’t. And i already reinstalled it and nothing.:sob:


Im on ps4 now add me ibbzz040


can i addition you too cause i have the same problem as him?? plz


Yes no problem. Do that and I’ll make a group


my name is TREY-SPRAD btw


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@Travis_IOI can you help?


I figured it out because its my brothers account that has plus. What i did was got on his account and pressed get access and it worked. Thank you.