Hitman Complete First Season Not Working


So, I bought the Hitman Complete First Season, Steelbook, on Xbox. I was never given and install prompt so I was puzzled. Since Hitman is free, I just installed that. I then installed all the dlc besides Colorado because it doesn’t give me the option. After completing the prologue I can’t access the dlc even though I have it installed. Why is there no codes for it, or am I missing out on something. No prompt to install really?

I.O. Customer service
I.O. Customer service

I.O., Please make Colorado and the bonus episodes available again for those of us that already paid for them. I want to continue to support you as a developer (I bought the game of the year update) but some of us are feeling a little ignored.


Completely quit the game and then go to My Games and Apps - what is listed under HITMAN?

You need to accept an update from the game to install Colorado on Xbox One; make sure you’ve got the disc, make sure Colorado isn’t listed as installed and you should get prompted with a game update when launching the disc. Make sure that you’re launching the game from the icon with the disc on it.

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I quit the game. Highlighted hitman and it shows 13 things installed. Neither Colorado or the bonus episodes appear. There is no updates or ready to install items appearing.
Now with the disc in, I went to Colorado. After selecting freedom fighters, the game prompts by saying go to xbox store or cancel. I go to xbox store and it indicates the episode is "not sold separately " and does not offer the ability to install it. I quit the game and again confirmed that it is not listed as installed. I did not receive a prompt to update when the game started. I launched the game from the icon with the disc on it and still no Colorado, no summer bonus missions, no patient zero Colorado episode and nothing indicating an update or anything being ready to install. I have all of the episodes that were still listed as being sold separately at the time I reinstalled the game including the upgrade pack I just purchased with the exception of patient zero Colorado.


Uninstalling and starting from scratch. Saw some folks had some luck with this. I probably did something wrong from the start.


Scrapped it and started from scratch, you were on point, when I installed it there was an update and I’m a dumbass. Thanks for your help Travis. You’re the man.


Worked. I.O. wasn’t the issue. Stupid user error on my part. Thanks Travis.


Are you playing Colorado now? Hope that’s the case.

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Can't download Colorado

Sure did, worked fine. Thanks again. Someone else asked me for help and I had to track down this thread.


Ok im stupid here… Please guide me step by step it’s frustrating… Im on xbox one


Hi Travis
I’ve seen that you’ve been good with this glitch.
I’ve re-installed hitman and done most of the stuff you’ve said but I still can’t get Colorado
Please help me


hi someone help me i buy hitman complete first season steelbook for ps4 i cant access the paris mission the paris and the other missions already 100% but icant play i try to restore license noting happen



im a new player ps4 hitman is my first game awesome game but im stuck


it’s working now yeaaheeeyyy


I have hitman definitive steelbook for Xbox one and it won’t let me play ep 1 to 4 or patient zero, it won’t even show them as installable


I bought the game of the year edition and clicking in store,it gives me the tick but when i go to destinations and click on any of them apart from marrakesh bevause of the summer pack, it says get access and hitman gas taken 24.99 of me. Please help and sort out on ps4


@Clemens_IOI might be able to help here.


Dude what did you do to get it working? I’m stuck too.please help me!