Hitman complete first season - summer bonus mission


Hi, I have a Xbox one steel book of hitman 2016 I purchased at Best Buy. It’s the complete first season. I’m trying to unlock the summer bonus content mission and the support states there’s a code in the steel book for this. My steel book is older (square enix) and it doesn’t have this code.

Is there anything I can do to unlock this mission via the disc since it’s unavailable to purchase on the Microsoft store individually? I need this last piece of the puzzle for the hitman 2 legacy pack.


The only thing you can do right now is to find a way to get the summer bonus episode, maybe there is a code to buy somewhere if you search for it but since its been awhile, I dont know how lucky you’ll be, otherwise I think buying the GOTY legacy pack is your only choice left

Btw, didn’t the steelbook release after the summer bonus episode?


The steelbook was released at the same time as Landslide, which completed the Bonus Episode (as it was released in two parts).


Afaik there are two steelbook versions and both of them have the bonus episode, the other one being the definitive edition. In your case OP, the summer bonus episode is digital content, so you should be able to find it in some download queue for the game. Try looking in Hitman 2016 main menu store tab and the Sapienza destination tab, look if you can download anything


I have the season pass on PS4 but it’s digital. Was able to unlock legacy pack without issues.

With Xbox one I have the square enix steel book. When I originally installed it, chapters 1-4 were unlocked. I was able to use the disc to download chapters 5 and 6. Unable to unlock the bonus campaign though with it. I checked download queues and such as well with no luck. Had I played the game on Xbox back when the summer bonus was available it would probably be tied to my account (played 2016 on the PS4 unfortunately.). Got hitman 2 on the Xbox one instead.

Might need someone from IOI to help me.


IOI dont have any codes for the bonus episodes

Do you still have the invoice?
You could try contact SE if you didnt recieve the bonus episode


My copy didn’t come with any codes other than the blood money code. Xbox treats the episodes like they would with any “game with gold” title, that is you can play with a disc or buy to own (which means you can play without the disc.).

Not sure if square enix is able to help, mainly since I purchased this from Best Buy and they’ve (SE) pretty much washed their hands clean of publisher duties. There was a window to redeem the disc copy for the bonus summer episode, wish I would have known about it.

The instructions IOI gives for the legacy pack physical disc version are not 100% correct; a number of other people I’ve found didn’t receive this code for the bonus campaign in the steel book packaging, and the only way to redeem was to use the disc during the window it was available.


I see, yeah its a unfortunate. Many are having issues with the bonus episode. Good luck